FREE Virtual Field Trips, Story Time, Homeschool Resources

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I’ve seen an extraordinary amount of things shared in my Facebook newsfeed and it got overwhelming and confusing real fast! I wanted to make a list of free virtual field trips, story time, homeschool resources, and other things that you can bookmark this page and refer back to as I update it the next few weeks. 

**This post is CONSTANTLY (literally) getting updated and tweaked so make sure to refresh and keep checking back throughout the day! I also have TONS of activities you can find by using my search bar or nav bar categories! You can also scroll through crafts and printables!

If you’re looking for specific free programs to stay connected with students while trying to teach at a distance check here. I’ve also got a great post with financial tips for those preparing to become strapped on income in the near future.

live animal web cams virtual field trips

FREE Lesson Plans & Activities

(Don’t forget TeachersPayTeachers has a lot of free material but you’ll need a free account to download it. You can also search through my Pinterest Printables board.)

FREE Virtual Field Trips for Kids


Louvre (Egyptian Antiquities, Louvre’s Moat remains, Galerie d’Apollon)


Wolves of Yellowstone
Yellowstone National Park (Fort Yellowstone, Fountain Paint Pot, Grand Canyon, Mammoth Hot Springs, Mud Volcano, Norris Geyser Basin, 3D, Upper Basin) 
Johnson Space Center, Texas
Vultures in India
Sumatran Elephants  
Great Wall of China 
the White House  
Buckingham Palace 
Coral Reefs of Palau
Coral Reefs of the Bahamas 
Deserts and Grasslands of Africa
Wild Biomes
Borneo Rainforest
Coastal Rainforest from a Canoe
Corals of the Dominican Republic
Coastal Peru Ecosystem
Columbia’s Waterways       
Volcano in Russia 
Plimouth Plantation 
Mars 360*
Aerial Grand Canyon 
Civil War Virtual Trips 
Empire State Building 360*  
Farming (Mink, Milk/dairy, grain, sheep, eggs, apples, etc.) 
House of Anne Frank 
International Space Station 

Interactive Virtual Visits:

Taj Mahal
Sistine Chapel
Westminster Abbey 
Eiffel Tower
Ellis Island    

Storytime Online & Kid’s Podcasts

funny lemur



Penguin Cam 
Penguin Cam 
Puffin Cam 
Beluga Whale Cam 
Kelp Forest Cam
Jellyfish Cam  
Shark Cam 
Coral Reef Cam 
Sea Lion Cam 
Otter Cam 
Naked Mole Rat Cam 
Lion Cam 
Lion Cam  
Giant Panda Cam 
Panda Cam 
Giraffe Cam
Giraffe Cam 
Elephant Cam 
Elephant Cam
Elephant Cam 
Lemur Cam 
Tiger Cam 
Ape Cam
Condor Cam  
Koala Cam
Polar Bear Cam  


Meet a Scientist (8 different scientists!)
Sustainability (forest/trees, erosions, water, energy, fire, population management, gardening, ecotourism)

Other FREE Resources:

  1. NASA Retro/Futuristic Space Posters
  2. ABCMouse.com – Use CODE SCHOOL7771 for FREE access to Preschool-2nd Early Learning Academy Preschool-6th ReadingIQ 3rd-8th Adventure Academy
  3. FREE Animated Storybooks for Teachers & Homeschool educators
  4. **Many zoos are hosting fun videos live on Facebook with their animals daily!
  5. FREE Printable Moon Phases & Solar System cards and poster!
  6. Sally Ride Worksheets
  7. Amelia Earhart Worksheets
  8. Book Report Page Template
  9. Spanish Numbers 1-30 Flashcards  
  10. Practice Numbers 1-50 Worksheets
  11. ASL Flashcards & Poster
  12. Sight Words Flashcards & Worksheets  
  13. Frog Life Cycle Coloring book
  14. Chicken Life Cycle Coloring book
  15. Mini Aa-Zz Coloring Practice book 
  16. Book-It’s FREE Reading Printable Resources
  17. FREE TypeTastic School Edition 
  18. FREE Audible Books 

FAV Educational Products I HIGHLY Recommend:

Below are some educational ideas to keep your kids occupied over the next few weeks. You can also check out our Bug gift guide, Space gift guide, Sharks gift guide and Strategy Games gift guide!

Preschool / Kindergarten:



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