I am Amelia Earhart (by Brad Meltzer) UNIT STUDY SERIES

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Recently I finished a 5 day Unit Study on Amelia Earhart PACKED with aviator themed writing prompts, snacks, activities, games and more! You can find all of this FREE below!


This unit study series is based off of the children’s bookI am Amelia Earhart by Brad Meltzer. Below you can find links to each post broken down by day, craft, activity, etc. This series is geared for preschool students through age 6.

DAY 1 Unit Study
DAY 2 Unit Study

DAY 3 Unit Study
DAY 4 Unit Study
DAY 5 Unit Study

“I am Amelia Earhart” Activities & Crafts

DIY “Flying” Airplane Box
Design your own Airport Play Mat
Clothespin Airplane Toys 
Sensory Sky Collage
Paper Airplanes

“I am Amelia Earhart” Themed Games

Dramatic Play – Packing for an Adventure
Amelia “Says”
Set the Record
Writing Prompts

fruit airplane propellers snack - amelia earhart lesson

“I am Amelia Earhart” Themed Snacks

Healthy Airplane Propellers
Airplane Candy
The Sky is the Limit Parfaits
Pretzel Stick Airplanes
Airplane Twinkie Snacks

Click below to get our FREE Amelia Earhart Workbook!

printable Amelia Earhart workbook

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