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Free Printable ASL Alphabet Sign Language Flash Cards & Poster

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If you or your students are learning sign language these free printable ASL flash cards and mini poster will be PERFECT for you to print, laminate, and add onto a ring for practice!

Free Printable ASL Flash Cards with Poster

 I use a small laminator that I bought for under $20 and it works perfectly for these types of projects. Just click the file below to download! If you prefer to have flashcards of an actual person signing you can buy a box set on Amazon here. Carson Dellosa also makes a kid-friendly flashcard set here.

Print Here ==> ASL Flash Cards and Mini Poster

Believe it or not I set out to make a huge post of free printable sign language resources but found this category sadly lacking in resources! There are tons of great YouTube tutorials to help you learn how to sign but not nearly as many free resources to print! If you find any let me know and I’ll add them to this post!

Back in the day I found a secondhand copy of Sign with your Baby when my oldest son was little and there was a great book that I learned basic signs out of with him that I really liked for object words like plane, food, etc. But I’m still looking for a great resource for adults wanting to learn sign language on their own. Scroll below for the NEW printable sign language alphabet coloring book!

Etsy Sign Language Picks:

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wooden sign language letter blocksASL sign language keyboard decals

This post has been SO popular that we’ve added  a NEW free Sign Language Printable set below!

Sign Language Coloring Book


This free printable sign language coloring book covers the entire alphabet – A to Z. Each page has a place to trace the letter, color the hand forming the letter, and a letter character to color. This is especially great for young children who are learning both the spoken alphabet as well as the signed alphabet.

Print HERE: Sign Language Coloring Book

Other Language Resources:

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  1. Thanks for providing this set of ASL flashcards. For some reason there is no “I” in the PDF. I am sure that you can fix that.

  2. Tracy Daniels says:

    Thanks! My ASL classes will be making a name collage. Did you by chance ever make the “I” card?

  3. Tina Andrews says:

    how do I download the flash cards? Everything I have clicked on that says download takes me to extensions for google not the actual flash card download.

    1. HM that’s really bizarre – you should just be able to open it up. Perhaps there’s something with your browser going on. If you e-mail me at survivingateacherssalary @ gmail (dot) com then I’ll send you the file!

  4. hi i am trying to download the flash cards a am starting sing language class would love print them but everything click takes amazon if you please help me

  5. Hi!
    Signingtime.com is a great resource for infant-preschool/kindergarten age ASL! They have a bunch of free videos on YouTube and a site where you can buy the videos/flashcards as well.

    Thank you so much for these resources though!! It’s amazing.

  6. Shellee Hitchcock says:

    Can you send me the file with ASL alphabet ? And possibly numbers ? 1-100 ? Making a game deaf friendly for a class project thank you

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please keep in mind these are shown as if you are looking at someone else signing them to you. So the G and H should not be palm out when YOU sign them to someone, palm should face your body. Hand orientation makes a difference in the sign being shown. Many d/Deaf ones will not use or recommend material if it’s shown backwards.

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