FREE Printable Spanish Flashcards Numbers 1-30

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Scroll below for the FREE printable flashcards PDF file!printable spanish flashcards numbers 1-30

School is IN session! These FREE printable Spanish flashcards are pocket sized for easy learning on the go! With numbers 1-30 written in a color coded Spanish word block along with the number shown above, these mini flash cards have 15 on one page. You only have to print TWO pieces of paper for ALL 30 flashcards! How awesome is that!?!

Spanish colored flashcards

The printable Spanish flashcards file is below at the end of this post. I recommend printing them in color.

cutting Spanish flashcards

After you’ve printed both sheets cut them into individual flashcards.

laminated Spanish flashcards

Then run them through your laminator to make them last longer! I just use a cheap $15 laminator at my house. It does a fabulous job for me and I’ve had it for years!

hole punch in number 12 spanish

If you’d like to turn these flashcards into a portable study ring just hole punch one hole in the top left corner.

pile of spanish number flashcards

Then thread them all onto a small ring! That’s it! It literally took me just a few minutes to put ALL of this together from print to ring! You can use these small flashcards to study while waiting for appointments, in a car line, or to attach on the outside of your child’s backpack! You can also use them to create your own DIY advent calendar to help your child learn their numbers as they count down for a special event!

Print HERE –> SPANISH Flashcards 1-30

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    Thank you so much for the spanish number printables! I was wondering if you could create a pdf that goes up to 31? I use this for our calendar. Que dia es hoy?

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