FREE “How a Frog Grows” Printable Frog Life Cycle e-Book

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How a Frog Grows ebook Printable

Here’s our FREE “How a Frog Grows” Frog Life Cycle Printable coloring book that includes coloring sheets for kids and a mini-book format for you to print and use! OR you can cut out each section like a flash card and laminate it to create a poster! Just click the link below for the PDF file or see more of our free printables here!

Print here –> How a Frog Grows Printable eBook

Tips for Raising Tadpoles with Your Classroom:

If you’re wanting to start your classroom with the frog life cycle finding eggs to raise are going to be pretty difficult. Your best bet is to start with tadpoles!

You’ll need:

Cage with both water AND dry land
Lid for your cage
Algae wafers

When you first start with your tadpoles a bucket of water will work great. But as they transition into a frog with legs they will need dry land to climb onto. Also, don’t forget that you’ll need a lid when the frog begins jumping around or you’ll have panic in your classroom!

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Free Printable Apple ebook


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