NO SEW Shark Puppet Craft Tutorial for Shark Week

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This NO SEW Shark Hand Puppet is SUPER easy for both kids and adults to make! If you made our no sew Shark Plush toy or our no sew Shark Blanket then this is the perfect trifecta!

No Sew Shark Week Hand Puppet

Shark Week – I’m still at it! Why you ask? Not only because we LOVE Shark Week but also because I need a couple weeks to pull this stuff all together!! Every year I say I’ll have SO much time in the summer but I swear I’m busier than I am during the school year!

No Sew Shark Hand Puppet Materials:

No Sew Shark Week Hand Puppet

You can use the craft sheets of felt but I purchased it by the yard at Walmart since it was cheaper (and softer!). Lay your felt on a hard flat surface like a table and make sure you have two sheets laying on top of each other. You’ll need two “hand mitts” for each shark hand puppet.


  1. Using your sharpie marker lightly trace around your hand as shown above forming a glove type shape. Leave extra room around your hands to make the mitt a little larger than your hands.
No Sew Shark Week Hand Puppet

2. Cut the hand mitt out of your felt pieces and flip the material so the Sharpie marker lines are inside the mitt.

3. Using your hot glue glue the edges of the mitt together leaving the arm hole open.

No Sew Shark Week Hand Puppet

4. Next glue on the large googly eye, a fin shaped piece of grey felt, and some teeth cut from the white felt.

No Sew Shark Week Hand Puppet

Here’s an up close so you can see what our Shark Hand Puppet looks like! Cute isn’t he? You definitely have to use it while reading through the Discovery Channel’s SHARKOPEDIA and watching Shark Week episodes on TV!

Discovery Channel Sharkopedia Book for Shark Week

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