Puppy Chow Snack Mix Recipe Idea for Dog Lovers!

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Since we’re looking forward to some quality family time watching The Pack dog series we created this EASY puppy chow snack mix recipe for humans!

WOOF WOOF! We’ve been celebrating “pawsitivity” and puppies all week in collaboration with The Pack and Amazon Prime Video! It’s was an awesome reality TV series for families showcasing pups and their owners competing in challenges all around the globe that is no longer running, but you can probably catch episodes on YouTube!

Puppy Chow Snack Mix Recipe Idea for Dog Lovers!

We have made the delicious puppy chow that we all know and love with powdered sugar and chocolate, but we needed an extremely QUICK and simple recipe for puppy chow that we could throw together before watching a show together on the TV!  (And one with less sugar!)

So let’s get started – this will literally take you just a minute or two to put together and can be finished while everyone is grabbing their drinks!

The recipe below can be made gluten free AND dairy free by simply leaving out the Scooby Snacks.

*This recipe is intended for human consumption – NOT for dogs!


EASY Puppy Chow Snack Mix Recipe:

dog bowl on grass pad

Totally optional – but we started our fun puppy-centered snack by grabbing a few (clean!) puppy bowls! You don’t have to but it made our snack mix a little more fun with the kids! It’s a great idea too if you’re doing a birthday party too!

Puppy Chow Ingredients:

  • Chex mix cereal

  • Chocolate cocoa cereal

  • Mini Marshmallows

  • Optional – Scooby Snacks

dog bowl of chex mix

You can choose to pre-mix everything or literally just open your bags of food and dump them in each snack bowl. We started with a basic Chex cereal. 

puppy chow dog bowl snack

Next add in some cocoa cereal mix. For the two cereals I used about the same amount of eat cereal. 

dog bowl puppy chow snack mix

Next sprinkle in a few small marshmallows! You can use the dehydrated marshmallows if you are pre-prepping bags of this and don’t want your marshmallows getting stale. I only added a few marshmallows because I knew my girl would eat all the marshmallows first!

little girl eating puppy chow

And lastly, if you don’t need this puppy chow snack mix recipe to be gluten free you can top it off with some Scooby Snacks! My daughter was absolutely delighted and got a HUGE kick out of eating this “puppy chow snack mix” in a doggy bowl! 

snack mix puppy chow

If you REALLY want to go the extra mile or are also decorating for a party, you can place your doggy bowls of puppy chow snack mix on rectangle faux grass mats! It absolutely adds the finishing touch! 

dad and daughter with dog watching tv

Here’s my rescue pup Jenny enjoying watching TV with us! I had just finished walking her so she looks pretty dog-gone tired!

Watching The Pack as a family has inspired my kids to try their own competitions with Jenny. She may not always understand it, but she sure loves the extra attention and exercise she is getting around here! 

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