Ocean Sensory Bin Idea: Shark Week Sensory Play

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This shark sensory bottle is great to play with for Discovery’s Shark Week celebration or for use as an ocean sensory bin idea! It’s also a great no-mess preschool sensory activity that they can even take and play with in the car!

Shark Week was a big deal in my house when my kids were younger so we’ve got loads of cool Shark Week kid’s activities here on the blog.

Shark Week Sensory Jar

To go along with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week we’ve created quite a bit of shark related content with crafts, books, and other great resources to pack out your week with your kids! You can view other shark activities for kids here.

This shark themed sensory jar is super easy for your kids to make on their own and a great toy to play with and decorate their room with all week long! You don’t have to stick to just sharks! Include all his ocean friends (or prey?) in this fun themed sensory bottle.

Shark Sensory Jar Materials Needed:

materials for shark week sensory bin

Plastic jar (clean peanut butter jars are perfect)

Plastic Shark(s) and other sea creatures

Glitter Glue


Aquarium Gravel


ocean sensory jar with elmer's glue and rocks

Place a bit of gravel into the bottom of a plastic jar (clean peanut butter jars are perfect). Add a few small sea creatures and add as much glitter glue as you desire. Fill the remainder up with water.

Add a bit of glue to the threads on your lid to keep it from opening and tighten back on. Aquarium sealant would of course go further in ensuring it’s waterproof ability.Voila! Ocean in a bottle!

If you want to look at a lineup of this years shark shows you can find it here on Discovery.com

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SHARK-errific IDEAS for KIDS:

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Shark Week Crafts & Activities for Kids:

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