Shark Week Shark Ice Cubes Kid’s Idea

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SHARK WEEK! One of my boy’s favorite times of year as we watch the Discovery Channel Shark Week coverage and obsess about sharks for a while! This year we are doing some extra celebrating and making EASY fun shark themed recipes to go with our week.

Shark Week Kids Recipes and Activities

Freezing sharks in ice cubes makes for some serious fun all week and your kids will be begging for cold drinks just so they can get a shark ice cube! You can buy shark gummies at your local candy store, Amazon, or on eBay.

Ice Cube Tray
Gummy sharks

Shark Week Kid's Ice Cubes Recipe

1.   Fill ice cube tray with water.
2.   Place a gummy shark in each ice cube tray compartment.  You can place the sharks in different positions, having them stick out of the ice or completely submerged.
3.   Freeze for at least 4 hours.
4.   Place frozen shark cubes in your favorite drink.
5.   Enjoy!

Shark Week Kids Recipes and Activities

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