Shark Week: Shark Doughnut Bites for Kids

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Shark Week Doughnuts

This adorable shark themed snack is perfect for ocean themed birthday parties or celebrating Discovery Channel’s Shark Week in July! It’s a great addition to our Shark SNACK ATTACK post you can find here and a MUST MAKE with our Shark Sensory Jar! This recipe idea requires a little patience but as you can see they turn out adorable so it’s totally worth it!

Materials Needed:

Mini chocolate donuts

candy eyes

white chocolate chips

black craft foam


Shark Week Shark Doughnuts

1. Place white chocolate chips around the center of the doughnut with the tips pointing inward.

Shark Week Shark Doughnuts

2. Slice a 1” long, 1⁄4” deep cut in the back of doughnut.

3. Cut 2” fins from black craft foam.

4. Slip fin in the back of the doughnut.

Shark Week Shark Doughnuts

5. Add candy eyes.

6. Eat them before they eat you!

If you want to look at a lineup of this years shark shows you can find it here on Discovery.com and don’t forget to check out our awesome collections board of SHARKS!

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