Shark Week: Shark Attack Snack Cup for Kids

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Shark Week Snack Cup for Kids

SHARK! SHARK! You can just hear the kids yelling SHARK as they run around the room with their new shark themed snack cup which pairs great with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week or preschool / birthday parties! Read below for our simple “fintastic” tutorial to keep your kids busy creating their own shark themed snack cup. (But seriously – DON’T miss our Shark Doughnut Bites and Shark Sensory Jar!)

Shark Attack Snack mixes are one of my favorite things to make for the kids because there doesn’t have to be a recipe­ you can just use whatever you have on hand to put it together. Mix; popcorn, peanuts, chocolate chips, goldfish, pretzels, dried fruit, mm’s, cereal, or any other small items you have on hand to create a mix.

Shark Week Snack Cup for Kids

To make the cup more fun and in keeping with our theme I used a black paper cup and cut out ferocious shark jaws with white construction paper, a black fin and then taped them on the opening. Add google eyes and fill with snack your little one brave enough to reach into the shark’s jaws for a snack?


If you want to look at a lineup of this years shark shows you can find it here on and don’t forget to check out our awesome collections board of SHARKS!

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