Snowman Craft Stick Winter Craft for Kids

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Snowman Craft Stick winter Craft for Kids

 Snowman Craft Stick crafts are SO easy to create and can easily be altered to work with whatever age you are crafting with. I have just been in love lately with creating popsicle stick crafts for kids so I wanted to get a jump start on some fun winter crafts! My kids are dreaming of the day when there’s enough snow for a snowman again! It’s such a novelty to them since they were born in Florida and have only enjoyed snow the past few years! This snowman is pretty self-explanatory and you can change him up to make him however you like but here are the easy steps I did to make this craft:

Materials Needed:

craft sticks (buy them in bulk on Amazon)
white paint
tacky glue, glue dots or hot glue
felt/foam/construction paper – black, orange
google eyes


  1. Lay 10 craft sticks on the table side by side and smear tacky glue across all of them and let dry. I always recommend additionally glueing one or two craft sticks across them as well to make it sturdier!
  2. Once the glue has dried paint the flat side completely white and let dry.
  3. Then simply cut out shapes for a hat, nose, and mouth and glue onto your snowman as you see above!
  4. Don’t forget to glue on the google eyes! You can add anything you want onto him! Try a different shape hat, create a decorative ribbon or other decor for the snowman hat. It’s really all about how you want to create your snowman and what materials you have on hand!

You can punch a hole through the hat and hang him as an ornament, glue him onto card stock, or just prop him up as is (which is what I do!).

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