Simple Jack & the Beanstalk Craft

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My son came home from school yesterday with this cute Jack and the Beanstalk craft! First, we read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk together (or you can listen to it on audio!) and then set off together on the great adventure of making crafts!
You’ll need:
a few magical beans
green tissue paper or construction paper
white cotton balls or stuffing
paper or display board
Twist up the green tissue paper or construction paper to form the beanstalk then glue it onto a piece of paper or poster board. Then glue the cotton balls towards the top of the plant so that it looks like clouds. Finally glue on a few beans at the base of the plant to show where the beans were thrown on the ground! If your kids are older they can even make a little Jack and giant to hide in the clouds or on the beanstalk!

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