Minecraft Creeper T-shirt Tutorial – UNDER $5 to Make!

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I decided to make this Minecraft Creeper T-shirt for my boys and it cost me UNDER $5 to make! Just follow our simple tutorial below and learn how to make your own DIY Minecraft Creeper tshirt WITHOUT a Cricut or Silhouette!

Minecraft Creeper T-shirt Tutorial

Grab a cheap plain green t-shirt for a few bucks to get started. They are obsessed with Minecraft as many kids are right now so I’ve been using some simple DIY Minecraft tutorials to make things for them for school incentives and holiday presents. (You can see our tutorials for our DIY NO SEW Plush Pig, Plush Torch, Plush TNT, Plush Sword and Minecraft inspired Arrow Decor here).

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Minecraft Creeper T-shirt Tutorial - Make Your Own!

Materials Needed:

plain green tshirt 
black acrylic paint
paint brush
cardboard or folder (to put inside shirt as you paint)
Optional – glow in the dark acrylic paint

Minecraft Creeper T-shirt Tutorial - Make Your Own!

The Creeper face is really easy to make. Grab your ruler and a pencil and begin to measure out the Creeper’s eyes. I started by lightly drawing a 4″x4″ box onto the green shirt making sure to leave 4 inches in between the eyes. Everything else measured to draw is in increments of 2 inches. From the eyes draw symmetrically 2 inches down, 2 inches out, 6 inches down, 2 inches in, 2 inches up, and 4 inches to meet back in the middle again.

Make sure before you start painting that you have a piece of cardboard or flat plastic inside the shirt to act as a barrier for the paint so it doesn’t bleed onto the back. Simply paint inside the lines with your black acrylic paint! I don’t have a Cameo or Cricut machine so for me this was the cheapest and easiest way for me to make a Minecraft Creeper t-shirt. You’ll want to make sure to smoosh in a really good coat of black paint but not necessarily thick. You don’t want it globby!

Minecraft Creeper T-shirt Tutorial - Make Your Own!

Let the shirt sit to dry overnight and place it in the dryer the next day for 20 minutes on high heat to set it. If you want your Creeper face to glow in the dark add the glow in the dark paint on top of the black paint before heat setting. So grab a green shirt, some black paint, and get started spreading some Creeper love around! These are super fun to make at a kid’s Minecraft birthday party too! Make sure you buy these CHEAP Minecraft plush too which are under $3 each!

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  1. Karen Churchill says:

    I love this idea! For people that are nervous about getting straight lines, here is a trick. Use blue painters tape along the edges of the blocks before you begin painting. Use a spoon or the back of your thumbnail to press the edge that meets the paint area to make sure paint doesn’t creep under the tape.
    When I paint on t-shirts, I like to iron a piece of freezer paper (not waxed paper) to the inside of the front of the shirt. Just turn the shirt inside out, smooth with your hands, place the freezer paper and iron. It peels off easy afterwards! The bast part is that the fabric won’t shift around. I hate it when I am trying to stick to a pattern and the fabric, all wet from paint, gets stretched or bunches just a tiny bit and screws up the design!
    Another trick is to go over any wibbly-wobbly edges with a micron or thin sharpie pen! You can really fix a lot of issues with careful use of a marker. Just be careful to not hold the pen in one spot too long or you will get blobs when the fabric absorbs too much ink and it starts to spread.
    Most kids won’t care if things are beautifully imperfect, but if your inner neat freak attacks you, these things will help! 🙂

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