FREE Unofficial Minecraft Kid’s Kindle e-Books

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FREE Unofficial Minecraft eBooks for Kids

My kids are OBSESSED with Minecraft and I just downloaded ALL of these FREE Unofficial Minecraft Kid’s Kindle e-Books! As always make sure they are still free when you go to download them as prices online can change quickly! My son will be so excited and it’s a great way to get your reluctant readers to dive into something they love! All of these free unofficial Minecraft kid’s ebooks are geared for ages 9-12 years. As always prices DO change quickly online so make sure these are still free when you download them!

FREE Unofficial Minecraft kid's book

The Quest: The Untold Story of Steve
Minecraft Where’s Steve? The Island of Doom
The Mystery of Herobrine
Steve’s New Neighbors: Steveville

Free unofficial Minecraft kid's ebook

The Obsidian Cube: An Unknown Past
Minecraft Battle of Legends
The White Eyed Ghosts Promise
The Friendly Creeper Diaries

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