DIY Minecraft Pig Plush – NO SEW Tutorial

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This DIY Minecraft Pig plush toy is going to rock your Minecraft collection and is easy peasy to make! The perfect homemade addition to your kid’s Minecraft obsession.

DIY Minecraft Pig Plush No Sew Tutorial

 It goes great with our DIY Minecraft torch plush! This is a NO SEW easy craft – I was able to make one pig while we sat and watched an episode of our favorite show on TV one night. This same idea is fun to make your own Angry Birds 3D Game too!

Minecraft Pig Materials Needed:

pink, white, black and brown felt
hot glue gun
cotton batting

DIY Minecraft Pig Plush – NO SEW Tutorial

To start cut out 6 pink 5″x5″ squares.

DIY Minecraft Pig Plush – NO SEW Tutorial

Using your hot glue gun attach them together to form a cube. I did 3 cube walls, a bottom panel, then attached the last 2 to the bottom panel as shown above. Keep in mind whether or not you want your seem to face inside the pig cube or outside. Glue all of the sides together except for one leaving an opening for your cotton batting.

DIY Minecraft Pig Plush – NO SEW Tutorial

Continue adding cotton batting inside your cube until it is full and stuffed firm enough. You don’t want it too soft so make sure to tuck plenty of stuffing in!

DIY Minecraft Pig Plush – NO SEW Tutorial

Glue the last side together to finish forming your cube! I am no sewer so the last panel I have no specific tips for. I just patiently hot glued and folded where I could to make it all even out.

DIY Minecraft Pig Plush – NO SEW Tutorial

For the finishing touches on your DIY Minecraft Pig plush you’ll just need to finish the face! Cut out 2 black and 2 white equal size small rectangles or cube shapes for the eyes and 2 small brown cube sizes. As you can see above I also added a pink strip underneath the brown nose. Add them on with hot glue!

Tip – When glueing down each piece of your pig make sure to applying generously covering all gaps. The hot glue will hold extremely well if you’ve got plenty on there! 

A Side Note: I found a LOT of Minecraft plush toys that are CHEAP and really pretty decent plush. I’m talking $2-3 per plush, but they take a few months to come in and a LOT of scrolling on Amazon! I almost just bought all of those instead but I think I like the handmade look better for this project. Scroll through here and look for them!

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