How to Make No Sew Felt 3D Learning Shapes Tutorial

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This simple tutorial will show you how to make no sew felt shapes – easy enough anyone can make it!

3d felt shape toys for kids

My daughter is in that FUN phase of the preschool world where she’s exploring EVERYTHING around her! She’s been living with a magnifying glass in her pocket and her rain boots not too far away.

Since she is starting preschool in the fall I’ve been working with her to reinforce her knowledge of colors and shapes. We’ve been finding shapes in everything! And shapes always reminds her of her favorite Teletubbies shows!

You can make our easy no sew felt shapes toys and see if your child can find them everywhere you go! I keep a small bag of things like this in our car so we can take them on the go!


No Sew Felt Toys Materials:

felt materials for no sew shapes activity

Felt (or fabric)
Hot Glue Gun
Cotton stuffing

No Sew Felt Shapes EASY Directions:

cutting blue felt craft

Begin by cutting out basic shapes with your felt. You can free hand it like I did, print a shapes template online, or use a Sharpie marker to draw your shape on before cutting. Whatever works for you!

pair of shape felt cut outs

Make sure that you cut out TWO of every shape! They need to be roughly the same size though! Don’t worry about slightly crooked edges or imperfections – your kids won’t care!

hot glue on yellow felt shape craft

Using your hot glue gun place a thin consistent stream of hot glue around the edge of one side like you see above. Firmly press the other matching shape together on top of the glue. The harder you press and smoosh the felt together the firmer the hold will be.

The glue bonds crazy hard with felt which makes this the perfect type of material to work with.

TIP: Do NOT over glue! If you add too much glue around the edges it will spill out of the felt “seam” and make a mess! Just keep it consistent and a little bit goes a long ways!

inside of 3d felt shapes toy

So this around all but one side. You’ll need to leave one side open to stuff!

cotton stuffing inside no sew felt toy

Insert your cotton batting. If you want to make these weighted or with various sensory feels you CAN toss in some rice or beans – just be careful about getting your no sew felt toys wet! I usually recommend picking up some polyfill beads since they are OK to get wet and are great for weighting sensory toys!

TIP: Do NOT overstuff! You only need a small amount otherwise it will not only be difficult to glue but your shape will also become distorted!

3d felt shapes plush toys for kids

You can make any shape you want! Add tags around it,  turn it into a shapes mobile, or add scented tea bags or essential oils inside depending on what you want!

There are SO many options and these no sew felt shapes make only a couple of minutes to make! Now my daughter can carry her shapes with her in the car and when we go hiking and look for different shapes in nature as we remember the names of each shape! Maybe have them sit on a swing like and see if they can spy different shapes from up high!

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felt camping play set

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    I ran across your blog on Pentrest. I have a special needs daughter who will be 23 yrs this July 2018. She has a rare x chromosome genetic disorder called CDKL5. Which comes with many uncontrollable seizures. SPASTIC QUAD CP. Cortical visual impairment (CVI) and SPD. She fully understands everything. There is no cure at this time. I am a Pharmacy Tech cert in1994. But finally quit to take full time care of my daughter. She is beautiful, stubborn, hardheaded. But it keeps her going. I use every thing to teach her diff. things.she loves to learn. Thank you for this post ❤????????

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    These are quick and easy. A similar pattern could be used for all kinds of things.

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