DIY No Sew Bird Felt Pretend Play Toy Tutorial

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No secrets here – I can’t sew, but I have been recently obsessed with adorable felt pretend play toys for toddlers! Below I have a free printable template for our DIY no sew bird which we made from felt, but you can use fabric or even construction paper if you wanted!

As my kids went through the toddler phase of life I had so much fun designing and creating all sorts of fun NO SEW felt toy tutorials and patterns to share with the rest of you who can’t sew either!

DIY No Sew Felt Pigeon Bird Pretend Play Toy Tutorial

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My pretty little bird felt toy turned out looking a little more like The Pigeon from the popular children’s book series by Mo Willems so you can alter it to be used as a blue bird for spring and Easter projects or as a cute little pigeon to go with your child’s favorite book! 

NOTE – if making for small children that might eat the google eye I highly recommend making the eye out of felt so that it is secured better.

PRINT HERE ==> Bird Printable Template


DIY No Sew Felt Pigeon Bird Pretend Play Toy Tutorial
You’ll only need a few things to make this cute felt bird. You’ll need the printable template I’ve provided above, blue/orange/yellow felt, a little cotton stuffing, and hot glue!

Cut out the paper bird template (don’t forget the feet if you need them!) and then lay it over your felt pieces and cut them to shape. You’ll need two shapes of each for one bird.

DIY No Sew Felt Pigeon Bird Pretend Play Toy Tutorial
Begin by laying the orange feet (if you are adding feet to your bird) between the two blue felt bird shapes and hot glue them in place sealing the entire bottom of the bird. Continue hot glueing between the two blue bird shapes until about a 1 inch seam is left open to stuff your cotton inside.

Fill the bird with as much cotton batting (or other filler desired) to meet the firmness you are looking for and then hot glue the bird completely closed.

DIY No Sew Felt Pigeon Bird Pretend Play Toy Tutorial

Hot glue a small yellow triangle on for the beak and either a googly eye OR for smaller children a small white felt circle with a smaller black felt circle for the eye.

See the brown paper plate underneath the bird? I made him a nest which you can see in this bird nest craft tutorial! 


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