NO Sew Felt Tea Bags Kids Play Tutorial

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NO Sew Felt Tea Bags Kids Play

 Having a toddler in the house again has renewed my obsession for easy to make NO SEW felt toys like these adorable no sew felt tea bags! In fact they are SO simple you don’t even need a template for them! It took my about 5 minutes to make all 3 tea bags. This is a FUN craft for kids to make simply for imaginative tea party play! You can also tie it into historical or even cultural lessons as well. You need only need a few items to make these no sew felt tea bags.

NO Sew Felt Tea Bags Kids Play


NO SEW Felt Tea Bags Materials:

Felt (brown and white/creme)
Yarn (white)
Hot glue gun / glue
Stuffing / Cotton Batting

NO Sew Felt Tea Bags Kids Play

NO SEW Felt Tea Bags Tutorial:

1. Begin by cutting two pieces of white felt “tea bags” for each tea bag desired. Above you can see that I cut 3 sides like a rectangle or tea bag and angled the top to resemble a basic tea bag.

2. Cut out two very small matching brown squares out of felt per tea bag desired.

3. Cut one piece of white yarn about 3 inches long for each tea bag.

NO Sew Felt Tea Bags Kids Play

This is everything you will need to cut out for ONE no sew felt tea bag!

4. Add a dab of hot glue onto one of the brown felt squares and lay the end of your white yarn into the hot glue. Add some more hot glue and firmly press together both brown pieces together sandwiching the yarn inside.

5. Add a dab of hot glue onto the white felt and lay the other end of your yarn into it.

6. Add hot glue across the top and down the sides of your tea bag then firmly press together the white pieces of felt to form your tea bag. Make sure to leave the bottom unglued so you can stuff it!

7. Stuff the desired amount of cotton inside your tea bag then add hot glue and firmly squeeze shut.

NO Sew Felt Tea Bags Kids Play

That’s it! These no sew felt tea bags are a DREAM to make because they are SO simple and require no special skills! Over the next year we’ll be expanding our NO SEW Felt Toys Tutorials which you can find here!

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