No Sew Felt Money for Toddlers: Math Pretend Play

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No Sew Felt Pretend Play Money

My daughter is really into imaginative play lately and has been thoroughly enjoying her play kitchen! This week she found the Learning Resources cash register I got when my boys were little and she LOVES it!

But the only problem is that since she is not quite 2 years old she still puts money in her mouth and tends to rip the paper money.

Although I could laminate the money or buy felt money online and take away the coins I wanted something quick and cheap as an alternative – so I made my own felt play money! No sew!

DIY No Sew Felt Money Toddler Math Play Tutorial

For each dollar bill and coin you want to make you’ll need the above pieces cut out in felt. I didn’t have a template – I promise your toddler won’t notice!

Remember – this is supposed to be quick and easy! I cut my dollar bills to fit inside of her cash register so she can still use it with her felt money.

DIY No Sew Felt Play Money Tutorial

No Sew Felt Play Money Materials:

1 Green “S”
2 THIN Green felt lines (for the money sign)
2 large Green felt rectangles (for the dollar bill)
1 Large Light Green felt Oval
4 small Light Green felt Circles
2 Grey felt circles
Hot Glue & Glue Gun

DIY No Sew Felt Money Toddler Math Play Tutorial

I began by hot glueing all of the “coins” together. Just two circles hot glued back to back is all. I didn’t decorate any of them yet but you could use an Ultra Fine Sharpie Marker to add amounts on them if you want!

To make the felt dollar bills I started by glueing the 2 large dark green rectangles together so that the bill is a little stiff. I then hot glued on the 4 small light green circles on each corner of the bill.

Then I glued the “S” onto the light green oval and then glued the oval onto the dollar bill. The last step is to carefully hot glue on the 2 dark green money “lines” on top of the “S”!

DIY No Sew Felt Money Toddler Math Play Tutorial

Once you have everything hot glued really well you’ll notice a nice stiffness (but still pliable if needed) to the money making it easier to hold and stack for your toddler! Even the “coins” can be stacked!

DIY No Sew Felt Money Toddler Math Play Tutorial

My daughter absolutely LOVES that she can put her felt play money inside of her cash register!

DIY No Sew Felt Money Toddler Math Play Tutorial

It allows her an introduction to pretend money play and simple math skills without having to worry that she’ll swallow small coins or rip and crinkle up all of the paper money.

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DIY No Sew Play Money for Toddlers

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  1. Chloe Crabtree says:

    This is a great idea and perfect for my granddaughters who think that every coin is a “penny”. I will be making these for them to start learning their money! thank you so much for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

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