Camping Craft: Art Weaving Camp Kindness Friendship Activity

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The weather is FINALLY getting warmer here in the Midwest and that means we spend pretty much all day outside! And if that doesn’t put a smile on my kids faces camping sure will! Our family LOVES to go camping but sometimes with younger children they can hit a lull in their day when they start getting restless at the campsite.

yarn and stick camping craft

I’ve been working on some creative camping craft ideas to keep kids busy. My 3 year old has been dancing her feet off to Yo Gabba Gabba! & Friends! lately on the WildBrain YouTube channel. We discovered some really fun camping themed adventures that we’ve been watching in preparation for our first camping trip of 2018!

Creative Storytelling with Song:

This campfire song is one of our current family favorites! It’s PERFECT for sparking kids creativity and imagination at home or around the campfire! Everyone gets a turn to add to the story and join in with song! Watch the video to see how it goes:

Camp Kindness Friendship Activity: camping craft stick and yarn activity

The last thing you want to do when packing for a camping trip is to pack MORE things to keep the kids busy! The ONLY thing you need to pack for this activity is a pile of scrap yarn! The kids can search for sticks around the campsite!

wooden bowl of yarn scraps for camping craft

This activity works best if you have a few long pieces of yarn (to wrap around the sticks) and a pile of short pieces of yarn for weaving.

yarn wrapped around stick camping craft

Send the kids off to find some “Y” shaped sticks in the woods! The more the better! Then taking your longest piece of yarn, begin wrapping it around the “V” portion of your “Y” stick like you see above!

green yarn wrapped around stick camping craft

When you have wrapped the string around to your satisfaction just tie it off!

yarn and stick camping craft

The great thing about this activity is that it brings families and friends closer together spending time weaving their Camp Kindness craft. As you begin weaving your short strands of yarn into your “Y” stick point out how different each yarn is. Different colors, different lengths, different sizes. Chances are if you’re using yarn scraps – no two are exactly the same! That’s JUST how friends are! Each one may be a little easier to handle than a different one but they are all woven together to create a beautiful piece of art.

stick with colors of yarn wrapped camping craft

We need EVERY single strand of yarn to complete the project. Each piece is important. Just like our friends and the people we meet! This activity is a great one for teaching awareness of others, compassion, and giving kids a new perspective on those that might be a little more difficult to work with – just like their pieces of yarn!

Camp Kindness camping craft yarn sticks

Other Ideas to Incorporate into your Camp Kindness activity:

*Use a pattern of yarn colors based on the colors you see around you!
*Use warm or cold colors (blues/purples vs. yellows/oranges) depending on the weather where you are camping!
*Use your Camp Kindness art weaving to decorate your campsite!


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