Kid’s Craft Ideas with Buttons

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Since we’re staying at home more it’s given me the opportunity to clean out my craft supply stash! I’ve got a crazy amount of buttons so I thought I would put together a list of kid’s craft ideas with buttons for all of us with jars of unused buttons in their house!

Just click on each project below to read more of the tutorial! Join us in our Sensory Ideas for Kids Facebook group for even MORE hands on activity ideas for kids!

Crafts with Buttons

Below are button craft ideas from slime recipes, preschool crafts and even DIY holiday decorations! Etsy is a GREAT place to not only get button craft ideas for gift projects but you can find pretty much any color and style button that you want to buy there too!

Easy Button Pencil Topper Tutorial:

DIY Button Art Stampers:

Kid's Craft Ideas with Buttons

Have a jar of buttons that you're not sure what to do with? Below are some kid's craft ideas with buttons!


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