Preschool Toys -School Pretend Play School Sets from Playmobile

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Playmobile school play sets

My daughter and I absolutely LOVE Playmobil toys! They are high quality and perfect for play acting and imagination! Another great thing is that there are so many different sets so you can easily play act out trips to the hospital, the doctor’s, etc. so your child knows what to expect when they arrive.

Below are some of the most amazing Playmobile school sets for your kids! This is a great way to prep preschool children on what going to school will look like, or even moving to a new area and what to expect when they go back to school.

School Play Set and Buses:


School Subjects:


Classrooms in School:



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  1. school stationery Jackie says:

    kids can pretend to play at school when they arent at school, will this take off? Looks cool though

  2. The Teacher's Wife says:

    I thought it looked like a neat idea for preschoolers…I know my kids would love it!

  3. playmobil airport says:

    What a great set! This one looks like a doll house. I can feel that kids will enjoy playing this one.

  4. Playmobil says:

    A final word about Playmobil toys is that they are extremely detailed well built toys. The company gives wonderful support if extra pieces are needed.

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