Igloo Made out of Gallon Jugs Pictures

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If you’re  a teacher you’ve probably seen or heard of the gigantic igloos made out of plastic milk jugs. I was so excited to find out that our kindergarten teacher does this every year with her students…because this year, my son was in her class!

igloo out of gallon jugs

She collected about 270 milk jugs and connected them using a bit of hot glue.

igloo made from gallon jugs

Just keep building on the layers! My son believed that an Inuit was sneaking into our school every night and adding more layers onto the igloo. Not kidding! He spent the first weekend crying because we wouldn’t let him spend the night in his classroom so that he could catch the Inuit in action!

igloo made from gallon jugs

When you are getting ready to cover the top of the entry way you can use a strip of cardboard or a yard stick!

igloo made out of plastic jugs

Just keep piling them high!! This is now the kindergarten reading corner! Not sure what to do with all of those gallon jugs after you’re done with your igloo? Hand each student a jug, head out on a nature hike, and create a twig birdhouse to take home!

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  1. Love it, totally goes with my Iditarod/Alaska vibe! Why have I never thought of this?

  2. Jacob Zollner says:

    If you leave the cap on, won’t it shrink in the cold?

  3. Miss Trish says:

    This is SOOOO CUTE!!! Im gonna try this one for sure!!!! 😀

  4. Do you tape or hot glue to keep them from falling over?

  5. I LOVE this idea! So creative. I want to do one at home for my kids… but we’d be saving milk jugs for years, lol.

    1. you can post on freecycle.org in your area, and probably get a lot of people who are willing to save them for you. I do this to get supplies for my art camp projects, and always get way more of whatever [egg cartons, pill bottles, yogurt cups, detergent bottles] than I need! You’d be surprised who has a stash just waiting for a use!

  6. Amy @ Marvelous Mommy says:

    This is so cool! I’m starting to save today! I have 2 jugs so far haha!

  7. Just be sure to clean jugs thoroughly with bleach or the igloo will begin to stink! Learned this the hard way.

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