How to Make a Recycled Nature Birdhouse Out of Sticks

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Your child can turn any old milk carton into a unique and camouflaged birdhouse with the help of some sticks from the yard and a hot glue gun! This is a great way to recycle some leftover bits of yard waste and help nature out too!
Birds love a place to get out of the rain or cozy up during a snowfall and this is the perfect indoor activity for a hot or cold day! If you’ve made a classroom sized igloo out of gallon jugs this is the perfect way to re-recycle them!
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Materials Needed:

Milk carton or juice bottle (washed and dried!)


1. Head outside with your child and pick up some sticks from around your yard and around your neighborhood. Throw them in a bag or wagon as you collect them! If you have snow on the ground you’ll need to dry your twigs out either in the oven on low or air dry them for at least several days.

While out for the nature walk, your child can get a closer look at any birds native to your area! He/she can do some more research about native birds at your local library or on the Internet if they are old enough. If your child is younger sit down with them and show them some pictures online of types of birds in your area. Don’t forget a pair of binoculars!

2. Your child can use a ruler to measure the sides of the carton to help determine how long their sticks should be or just let them go at it and decorate it on their own. Remember, make sure your milk carton has been thoroughly washed and dried!

3. Before covering the milk carton with sticks make sure an adult cuts a nice sized hole in the size for a bird to slip in to it’s new home!

4. Now your child can begin attaching the sticks to the birdhouse, working slowly and gluing the sticks as close together as possible so none of the milk carton shows through! The birdhouse should be camouflaged so cover up as much of the milk carton as you can! You may even want to do two or 3 layers of twigs!

5. After the birdhouse has dried and all the twigs are placed attach your string and get ready to hang!

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