DIY Marble Mugs Tutorial – Handmade Gift

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DIY Marble Mugs Tutorial - Handmade Gift

How GORGEOUS are these DIY Marble Mugs we made?! They are SO ridiculously simple and make a beautiful handmade holiday gift or tween/tween craft party idea! (I’m totally obsessed with our Gold-Rimmed Agate Coasters we made here!)

They are great for art teachers to make with their classes too! I just made it for me – because I love the flowing colors! Check out our DIY Marble Mugs tutorial below with photos and see how easy it is!

DIY Marble Mugs Tutorial - Handmade Gift

DIY Marbled Mug Supplies:

White Ceramic Mug (Dollar Tree is great for this!)
Large Bowl
Nail Polish
Warm Water
Wax Paper

DIY Marble Mugs Tutorial - Handmade Gift

DIY Marbled Mug Instructions:

  1. Fill the bowl with warm water.
  2. Slowly pour in the first color of nail polish.  You want to pour it pretty close to the water’s edge, otherwise the drops will sink to the bottom.
  3. Add in your second color of polish the same way.
  4. Use a toothpick and swirl the colors together.
DIY Marble Mugs Tutorial - Handmade Gift

5. Dip the mug at an angle into the water.  You don’t need to submerge the mug.  The polish should want to just cling to it.

DIY Marble Mugs Tutorial - Handmade Gift

6. Set the mug upside down on the wax paper to dry.

That’s it! You can add a clear sealant if you want to strengthen it from scratches. And let the gift recipient know it’s hand wash only so it will last longer! These are great to gift with some coffee or a gift card to a favorite bookstore or coffee shop!

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  1. Such a fun idea. My tween would love this! Thanks for sharing your crafty inspiration on this week’s Monday Funday Party!

  2. Jessy @ The Life Jolie says:

    Ok, I seriously love this project- I can’t wait to try making this!

  3. Very cool! A fave this week on Wake Up Wednesday! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Crystal! Happy New Year! I wanted to let you know that I picked your beautiful marbled mugs as my feature for this week’s Merry Monday Link Party. I love how your mugs turned out – the swirls of colors are so pretty! Thanks for joining the party; I hope you’ll link up with us again this week 🙂

  5. Jenny @ Refresh Living says:

    These look so neat! They turned out great and look so fun to make. Happy new year!

  6. I have made several of these mugs & given them out as Christmas gifts. They were a huge hit! While I made I experimented with different kinds of nail polish. I found that some just clumped on my mug when I dipped it in certain nail polish wate,got any ideas?

  7. Anonymous says:

    if i clumps could you take a q tip and some nail polish remover to smooth it down? Also, do you know if this is mcirowave safe?

  8. I made some of these but was wanting to write over it with words and then seal it. I tried dishwasher safe Mod Podge but it left brush streaks and smeared the words. I was wondering if you knew of a clear coat spray that would be safe to use on the mugs since people would be drinking out of them.

  9. Could I do this on other things (bowls, plates etc.)

  10. This is amazing, is it really possible? Seeing such nail polish magic, I can’t wait to try it myself!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I tried this 3 times on the same mug and it wasn’t smooth. Got clumpy. Followed directions. Not sure what’s wrong

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