20 Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day

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It is POURING rain right now at my house! And days like this make it seem extra long indoors! Here is a list of 20 creative ideas to help your day pass along when it’s rainy outside!

Rainy days may bring gloomy weather, but they also offer the perfect excuse to turn your living room into a haven of laughter and creativity. Say goodbye to boredom with these creative indoor activities for kids that are sure to brighten even the rainiest day.

1. Create a scavenger hunt! Check out our fruits & veggies hunt!

2. Write your name in hieroglyphics! Then wrap each other up like a mummy with toilet paper!

3. Whip up a batch of salt dough snakes or salt dough starfish for sensory bin play! Here are 20+ salt dough activities to make at the same time!

4. Make your own costumes & play dress up! Use what you have buried in your closets! (Pilgrim Hat & Indian Costume)

5. Turn your house into a truffula forest and speak for the trees!

6. Make a bear cave craft, then build a fort to hibernate in!

7. Make a pinata! Try it out of paper mache or cardboard!

8. Make your own art sand and then use it for crafts!

9. Make your own bath paint & let the kids paint away in the tub! If you have older kids tape their artwork to the wall!

10. Create your own inventions and then make up a story to go with it!

11. Check your boxes for packing peanuts & then get nutty! (click on link for more details)

12. Throw a Play-doh beach party! Make your own pretend popsicles to go with it!

13. Make your own spiderweb then research different types of spiders online!

14. Make your own GAK!

15. Make your own FLOAM!

16. Make your own SILLY PUTTY!

17. Make your own robots with toilet paper tubes or make a pair of binoculars!

18. Make your own scientific “lava lamp”!

19. Bake bake bake!

20. Make it a day full of crazy science experiments!

Even MORE Ideas for a Rainy Day:

Build an Obstacle Course Indoors!

Transform your home into a mini adventure zone by creating a DIY obstacle course. Use cushions, pillows, and household items to build tunnels, stepping stones, and balance beams. Watch as your little ones navigate the course, enhancing both their physical and problem-solving skills.

Have an Indoor Camping Adventure!

Turn a rainy day into an indoor camping adventure! Set up a cozy blanket fort using chairs and sheets, complete with sleeping bags and fairy lights. Share stories, enjoy some indoor s’mores, and let the imagination soar under the makeshift starry sky.

The Great Indoor Bake-off!

Invite your little chefs to the kitchen for a baking bonanza. Choose simple recipes like cookies or cupcakes that allow them to get hands-on with mixing, pouring, and decorating. The sweet aroma wafting through the house will add an extra layer of coziness to your rainy day.

Board Game Competition!

Dust off those board games gathering dust on the shelf and have a family board game marathon. From classics like Monopoly to newer favorites, a friendly game competition is an excellent way to bond and have a blast indoors.

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