Father’s Day Gift for Kids to Make: Chalkboard Tie Gift Tutorial

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I am always looking for a creative Father’s Day gift for kids to make and one year I came up with this crazy idea to chalkboard paint a tie! It turned out pretty sweet so I wanted to share the tutorial with you below!

handmade Father's Day Chalkboard Tie Gift idea

Father’s Day is JUST around the corner! Every year it sneaks up on me and usually the night before I’m frantically scouring my brain for a thoughtful way to show my husband that he’s important to me! He’s so great at coordinating with the kids when it comes to Mother’s Day so I really try to get the kids involved more than I have in making something thoughtful for him each year! This DIY Father’s Day Chalkboard tie is EASY PEASY for kids to make and is extremely budget friendly!

DIY Father's Day Chalkboard Tie Gift

You’ll need a tie (I picked one up at the thrift store for a quarter), a painting sponge, and Chalkboard paint. Simply cover the entire tie in 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint and then use Liquid Chalk Markers to decorate the tie with your special message!


Paint the tie on a LOT of newspapers in case of a spill! In between each dried coat bend the tie and roll it up some so that it doesn’t become so stiff! And don’t forget to paint the back of the tie too! 

DIY Father's Day Chalkboard Tie Gift

This is SUCH a unique and fun gift for kids to make to make and if you already have chalkboard paint at home it’s an insanely inexpensive Father’s Day gift idea! Chances are your special guy has an old tie laying around in the back of his closet he doesn’t use anymore. It’d be a cool grandpa gift too! You can also check out the Father’s Day gift section on Amazon for more ideas! OR check out our Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas roundup here!


Let the liquid chalk marker completely dry. Then trace over it for a second coat which will show a stronger white design. The tie will likely be pretty stiff so roll the tie and fabric between your hands to help loosen it up a little bit in between each of of chalkboard paint.

*I had someone ask how this tie washes and I don’t know! Because the paint leaves the tie with a non-porous surface we’ve always just wiped any spills off with a wet cloth and voila! Good as new! 

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