Muddy Puppy Dog Wash Sensory Play Activity for Kids

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Our focus this month has been on caring for animals which we have been incorporating into our learning time and sensory play! This muddy puppy dog wash sensory play activity is perfect for kids who love getting messy or even those who prefer to stay a little cleaner! This activity was sponsored by The Pack and Amazon Prime Video.

Our muddy puppy sensory activity was inspired by the new Amazon Prime Video reality show The Pack which was an unscripted competition show featuring dogs and their owners as they face adventures around the world! Not only is it a great family show but it also encourages you to get out and exercise with your dog. It also benefits the American Heart Association, Best Friends Animal Society, and Environmental Defense Fund.

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dog wash sensory bin

This has been a fun activity to pair up with the new Amazon Prime TV Series “The Pack” campaign we’ve been working on! The TV series features 12 teams of dogs (and their humans!) competing in amazing challenges! PLUS it benefits animal charities so it’s a win win! 

We have always been HUGE animal lovers in our house and over the years we have had chickens, pigs, cats & dogs, snakes, tortoises, frogs, and more! But nothing beats the love of my rescue dog Jenny! She’s an amazing fur baby and so special – I’d do anything for her! This dog wash sensory activity was a fun play time for my daughter and it didn’t even involve wet smelly dogs! 

Dog Wash Sensory Activity Set Up:

Materials needed:

Creating a Dog Wash Station:

washing dirty dogs sensory play area

My daughter is in a phase of caring for animals so I put together this muddy puppy dog wash station for her with some items we had around the house! It’s incredibly simple but can be very messy (depending on the kid of course) so you’ll want to have your little one play outside, in the bathtub, or over a large tray so that clean up is a little easier.

To keep the mess a little smaller I used a two compartment dog dish so that we could use one side for dirt and one side for water! If you don’t have one on hand you can just use any plastic container or deli tub! 

If you have a child that doesn’t like messes so much this activity can coax them into play with the satisfaction of a neat clean tray area and washing their puppy.

preschool girl washing dog sensory bin

My daughter, however, loves a good mess – so we played outside on the back patio! In fact she went through several cups of dirt and a huge bucket of water! So you might want to have a dry clean outfit on hand to change into afterward! 

Add some dirt in one side of your dog bowl dish and some water on the other side. (or just two separate dishes in a tray) I provided a few small cups (or you could use medicine cups!) for my daughter to use as she scooped up dirt and water for washing and playing with her toy dogs.

dog wash sensory play toys

Although you can absolutely just let your kids have at it and enjoy on their own, we started our sensory activity with a little bit of role play and a story.

I told her about three little dogs that were wandering around the park on a hot day – all lonely and bored. They found each other near a park bench sniffing out a squirrel but had all run through a mucky mud puddle to get to the tree! So they all decided to jump through the creek together and had so much fun!!

muddy puppy sensory play

It didn’t take more than 30 seconds for her to dive into the story and take over on her own! Sometimes setting a simple stage is all they need to prompt them into some creative play. Although I’m pretty sure my daughter wished she had a HUGE mud puddle to play in just like the puppies in her story!

preschool girl holding dog toy

This dog wash sensory play activity also makes a great tool in helping kids learn about caring for their pets! 

toy dog sensory bin

Setting up your own dog wash play activity? Share your photos in our Sensory Ideas for Kids Facebook group! We’d love to see them!


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