How to Make Toilet Paper Tube Binoculars Camping Craft

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For my son’s camping themed birthday party I couldn’t afford a lot of party favors and decorations so I made them myself! These easy tutorial will walk you through exactly how to make toilet paper tube binoculars! (or craft tubes here) 

My kids know I spend about two months pre-making decorations whenever I have time so save up those toilet paper tubes and make some fun binoculars!

DIY Binoculars

These are perfect for bird watching, “safari” play, and more! Although they are made in several steps they are very simple to create! (If you’re a school teacher worried about sanitary toilet paper tubes you can cut up paper towel rolls or order craft rolls here.)

DIY Binoculars Materials Needed:

DIY Camo Toilet Paper Tube Binoculars

How to Make Binoculars:

Step 1:

Using acrylic paint, paint markers, or markers, color the “tips” or ends of your toilet paper rolls. I painted green and purple on mine to coordinate with the camo colors I had. I wanted to do pink but didn’t have any on hand.

Step 2:

Wrap your desired paper around the toilet paper tube and secure using glue, tape, or mod podge. I mod podged mine so that it would last longer. You can use scrapbook paper you’ve bought or print it online. (I printed mine free from Granny Enchanted.)

Make sure to let your mod podge dry thoroughly before moving on. Since my camo design is just on printer paper I only applied one coat of mod podge.


Step 3:

Using your hot glue gun, attach your brown yarn or string around each end of the toilet paper tube.


Step 4:

Still using your hot glue gun, attach two toiler paper rolls together to complete your binoculars! You can add a string to hang around your neck if desired, but we left ours as is so they didn’t get twisted together.


These are great for camping birthday parties, bird watching, party favors and more! They make an easy craft to pair with children’s books and field guides!

We personally love these Kidnoculars for toddlers and this binocular set for older kids. These make a fun gift idea for the birthday child or a more sturdy option if you’re traveling or camping.

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