Make Your Own Robot!!!

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It is SO easy to make your own robot! Since I have younger kids here we did a very simple robot. You can make your robot much nicer and more detailed if you have older kids who are willing to sit a little longer!!

What you Need:

  1. Large Box (1 per child)
  2. Scissors
  3. Art Smock or Painting Clothes
  4. Decorations (construction paper, stickers, glue, markers, stamps, glitter, etc.)
Step 1: Cut holes in your box for the head & arms. Tear off bottom flaps of box.
(This is a side view so you can see the arm holes.)
Step 2: DECORATE!!!!
(We painted construction paper, then taped it on the robot. We also added stickers too!)
***TIP- with small children in paint you can take a tupperware lid and make them a little paint circle***
Step 3: Let paint and all decorations dry- then PLAY!

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  1. Kerry McCullough says:

    So cute! I love ideas like this. I feel like there's nothing kids love more than boxes. So simple 🙂

  2. Hi! I love your site! I was trying to get the link to "make your own soap" but I think you may have accidentally put the link to "make a robot" in with it because when I click on it, that is what comes up.

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