DIY Baymax Big Hero 6 Disney T-Shirt in UNDER 5 minutes!

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In this article I share how we made our DIY Baymax Big Hero 6 Disney T-shirts and various options that did / didn’t work!

DIY disney baymax shirt tutorial in under 5 minutes

 I was researching how to do Freezer Paper T-shirts for our Disney trip that we had been saving for for 4 years – trying to stretch souvenir pennies! To be quite honest I just don’t have time to spend hours making shirts to save a few bucks so I made these which are a FANTASTIC alternative to a quick Disney tee for your kiddos!

All you’ll need is a white t-shirt (cheap brand new at Walmart or your local craft store), a black fabric marker or paint marker, and your favorite Baymax coloring sheet! I printed one of these Baymax Disney icons for our shirts! Simple black and white designs are the easiest to use. You can even do this on a set of white bedsheets but I chose to buy these Big Hero 6 bed sheets instead.

DIY Disney Big Hero 6 Baymax shirts

Simply place a piece of cardboard or a brown paper bag flat inside the shirt so that your colors won’t bleed through to the back! Then slip your coloring page inside the shirt on top of the cardboard and place it where you want it to go! Just flatten out your shirt and use your black fabric marker to trace the image onto the shirt!!


I used a Crayola Fabric Marker but want to try a Sharpie Fabric Marker next…I just couldn’t find my Sharpies! I tried an Elmer’s Paint Marker which did OK but it wasn’t quite as dark and bled slightly more which gave it a more “character drawn” look. When you’re done just throw the shirts in the dryer on the highest heat setting and run for 15 minutes to set the ink or run a hot iron over the image with a piece of cloth in between. VOILA! Your very own DIY Baymax t-shirt!

DIY Disney Big Hero 6 Baymax Shirts

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  1. i want to try this for a shirt for my hubby, but i’m scared to! ha. all the doubting questions run through my mind. I’m just wanting wording on mine, same principle though, yes?

  2. Thank you!!! Our daughter is going to LOVE the one I just made her, I know it!!!
    It really did only take about 5 minutes to whip up too!!!

  3. Could you use just a regular sharpie for this or does it have to be a specific marker/sharpie for clothing?

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