I am Amelia Earhart (by Brad Meltzer) UNIT STUDY SERIES

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This unit study series is based off of the children’s bookI am Amelia Earhart by Brad Meltzer. Below you can find links to each post broken down by day, craft, activity, etc. This series is geared for preschool students through age 6.

DAY 1 Unit Study
DAY 2 Unit Study

DAY 3 Unit Study
DAY 4 Unit Study
DAY 5 Unit Study

“I am Amelia Earhart” Activities & Crafts

DIY “Flying” Airplane Box
Design your own Airport Play Mat
Clothespin Airplane Toys 
Sensory Sky Collage
Paper Airplanes

“I am Amelia Earhart” Themed Games

Dramatic Play – Packing for an Adventure
Amelia “Says”
Set the Record
Writing Prompts

“I am Amelia Earhart” Themed Snacks

Healthy Airplane Propellers
Airplane Candy
The Sky is the Limit Parfaits
Pretzel Stick Airplanes
Airplane Twinkie Snacks

DIY Kitty Spool Craft – Kids Halloween & Pet Parties!

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 If you’re looking for MORE fun Spool Crafts don’t miss out on our Halloween Spools featuring a ghost, witch, pumpkin, candy corn and black cat!

DIY Kitty Spool Craft



I just LOVE these DIY Kitty Cat Spool Crafts that you can do with kids, turn into Halloween crafts and home decor, or pair up with fine motor skills activities, lessons on mammals, etc. There are just about a zillion excuses you can have for making these adorable spool kitties that kids of any age can enjoy making! Plus it’s inexpensive to make for a larger classroom setting as well!


DIY Halloween Kitty Cat Spool Craft Decor

3 small empty wooden spools

Gray, brown, pink, and white embroidery floss

White, yellow, light blue, brown and black paper scraps

Hot glue

Hot glue gun



 DIY Halloween Kitty Cat Spool Craft Decor

Step 1: Glue the end of the embroidery floss to the wooden spool. Wrap floss around spool until it is completely covered. When the spool is completely covered cut the floss and attach to spool with a small drop of hot glue.

DIY Kitty Cat Craft Collage

Step 2: Cut out 3 sets of ears for the cats in colors of your choice and glue them to the top of the spool.

Kitty Cat Spool Craft for kids

Step 3: Cut out different shapes, sizes and colors for the eyes and, using the hot glue, attach them to the front of the spool.

kitty cat spool craft for kids

Step 4: To create whiskers tie 2 short lengths of embroidery floss together and trim to the length you like. Attach with hot glue. For fuller whiskers: loop floss until you create a nice full circle. Tie in the center and trim the ends. Attach with hot glue.

Diy Kitty Spool Craft Tutorial

 And there you have it!! You can easily use this craft year-round for Halloween, pet crafts, fine motor skills activities, kitty lessons, or even create puppy dogs or other animals that you want to feature!

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Healthy Orange Pumpkin Halloween Snack for Kids

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Healthy Pumpkin Snack for Kids

 This adorable “pumpkin” snack for kids to celebrate fall or Halloween is plenty of fun to send in their lunchboxes or wrap up for each student in class for their seasonal parties! And the great thing is you only need TWO ingredients – an orange (per child) and celery!

Cut your celery into several smaller pieces which will turn into the pumpkin “stem”. Peel your oranges and set them onto a plate. Take your celery “stem” and gently place it just inside the top of the orange – make sure not to press hard enough that you break open the orange or squirt juice everywhere! And don’t forget to keep your snacks in the fridge until they are ready to be eaten!

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FREE Educational Halloween Printables – Counting, Rhyming, & MORE!

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free halloween printables


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays every year and my kids just love celebrating all month long! Here are some FREE Educational Halloween Printables for you to print as many as you want of, share with your friends, and PIN IT for later!! Choose from counting and coloring sheets, a handwriting rhyming worksheet, Halloween cards, “B” is for Bat and just plain fun coloring sheets! Just click on the link below to download the coloring sheets you want!

Count and Color Halloween Printables

Halloween Card Cut Outs for Kids

B is for BAT

Rhymes with Bat Handwriting Fun 

Happy Halloween Coloring Sheet

Halloween Healthy Monster Devil Egg Eyes

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halloween monster devil egg eyes

I am just loving all of these healthy Halloween snacks I am finding this year! These Halloween Monster Devil Egg Eyes are tons of fun to make with your kids and healthy too! What better way to celebrate than with some spooky eyeballs! Instead of your typical deviled eggs these use a healthy avocado mixture that is playful and really brings the “spook” out in these eyes!


  • 1 dozen hardboiled eggs
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1 tablespoon vinager
  • Red food coloring
  • 2 avocados
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 can black olives
  • Hot sauce (optional)



-note *Steps 1-4 optional*

  1. Combine hot water with vinegar and 10-12 drops of red food coloring in a mixing bowl.
  2. Crack your hardboiled eggs by gently rolling them on the counter top.
  3. Take the cracked eggs and slowly drop them into the red colored water for 3-4 minutes.
  4. Remove eggs from the water and let dry in the egg carton or on paper towels.
  5. Once dry, carefully peel eggs and cut into halves.
  6. Remove the yolk from the egg halves and throw away.

halloween healthy monster eyes egg snack7. Use a toothpick to draw wavy lines onto the cut side of the egg halves to create a bloodshot eyeball effect.
8. Cut the avocados into halves, remove the pit from the center and spoon the inside of the avocado into a medium size bowl.
9. Add a dash of salt and pepper to the avocado and mix well.
10. For a little bit of spice, try adding some hot sauce to avocado mixture (optional).
11. Spoon a dollop of avocado mixture into the eggs.
12. Place a thinly sliced black olive on top of avocado to finish the monsters eyeball look.
13. Ready to serve and enjoy



Halloween Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cup Snacks for Kids

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pumpkin dirt halloween cup snacks

 This is just the easiest Halloween Dirt Cup Snacks for Kids you’ll find around!! I know my kids sure would love to come home on Halloween to find these waiting for them as a special treat!! And they are super easy to create for a classroom treat too! All you’ll need is Chocolate Jello Pudding Cups, Oreo Cookies (crushed up), and either Brach’s pumpkin candies (like candy corn but pumpkin shaped) or you can create your own pumpkins out of orange melting chocolate with green writing icing for the pumpkin leaves. If you’re really desperate and can’t seem to find either of those you could probably cut off the tips of the orange circus “peanuts” candies too.

Halloween Dirt Cups Kids Snacks

 Just crush up your Oreos, crumble them on top of an opened container of pudding, and place in your pumpkin or other edible decor that you want to put in there! These are simple to make in large “batches” too for Halloween parties! So go create your own pumpkin patch and watch the smiles on the kids faces!


The PERFECT Halloween Spool Craft Home Decor EVER

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halloween spool crafts for kids


How incredibly ADORABLE are these Halloween Kid’s Crafts made out of old sewing spools? Seriously I’m just in LOVE! And they are SO easy for both kids and adults to make! (not to mention inexpensive!) Below I’ve got directions and photos to make each of the Halloween spools you see above!


 halloween kids craft

5 wooden spools

White, black, dark green, orange, yellow yarn

Black, yellow, paper

6 Googly eyes

Hot glue gun

Hot glue


halloween kids craft


Step 1: Glue two small googly eyes to the center of the wooden spool.

halloween kids craft

Step 2: Glue the end of the white yarn to the bottom of the wooden spool. Wrap yarn around spool until the spool is completely covered. When the spool is completely covered cut the yarn and attach to spool with a small drop of hot glue.


halloween black cat kids craft

Step 1: Glue the end of the black yarn to the bottom of the wooden spool. Wrap yarn around spool until it is completely covered. When the spool is completely covered cut the yarn and attach to spool with a small drop of hot glue.

halloween black cat kids craft

Step 2: Cut ear shapes out of black paper and glue them to the top. (refer to image)

Step 3: Cut out different two yellow circles and two black slits for the eyes.

halloween black cat kids craft

Step 4: Make whiskers by tying together 2 pieces of embroidery floss and trim to the size you like, and glue on.


halloween witch kids craft

Step 1: Glue the end of the green yarn to the wooden spool. Wrap yarn around spool until it is completely covered. When the spool is completely covered cut the yarn and attach to spool with a small drop of hot glue.

Step 2: Glue on two small googly eyes. Cut a small piece of black yarn for the mouth.

halloween witch hat kids craft

Step 3: Make the witch hat out of black paper. There is a good photo tutorial here if you need help.


halloween fall candy corn kids craft

Step 1: Start at the top of the spool with the white yarn, wrap it around a couple times, next do the same thing with the orange yarn and finally with the yellow yarn creating a candy corn look.

halloween fall candy cor kids craft

Step 2: Glue on two googly eyes and cut out a small piece of black yarn for the mouth and glue it on.


halloween pumpkin fall kids craft

Step 1: Glue the end of the orange yarn to the wooden spool. Wrap yarn around spool until it is completely covered. When the spool is completely covered cut the yarn and attach to spool with a small drop of hot glue.

halloween kids craft

Step 2: Cut two medium pieces of green yarn, fold them in half and glue the folded edge to the inside of the spool leaving the cut edges to form the stem.

halloween fall pumpkin kids craft

Step 3: Cut out a face for the pumpkin.(2 triangles for the eyes and pumpkin smile for the mouth.)

halloween sewing spool kids craft

 And there you have it! Some incredibly adorable kid’s spool Halloween crafts!! I want to make Frankenstein too so he’s going to be next! PLEASE feel free to pin it and share it everywhere with your friends!

Fossil Destinations Around the USA & Kid’s Fossil and Dinosaur Activities

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fossil destinations in the usa


There are two things that really make me geek out and that’s caves and fossils! Thankfully I have rubbed that obsession off to my children as well! Planning a fossil road trip or vacation is a great way to not only see different parts of the country and explore fossil digs but it’s such a neat educational experience to see reconstructed fossils and meet of the most enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet about something others may not find so enthusiastic! All across America (and the world!) are the prehistoric remains of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, plants and trees just waiting for enthusiastic amateur paleontologists! Children and adults are invited to join in the action to search for fossils on their own as well as watch scientists as they reconstruct and study fossils in the lab.

Add any of these destinations to your travel plans to organize an entire fossil themed trip, or just get a little extra dino fun in on your next planned vacation! At the bottom of the post I’ve included some of our favorite dinosaur/fossil crafts, activities, party ideas and more!

Aurora Fossil Museum – Aurora, N.C. 

The Aurora Fossil Museum is a very hands on destination where guests are invited to dig for their own fossils and even get to keep what they find! (My favorite part!) Specimens from the area are on display for guests to view and learn from, but the “Pit of the Pungo” is definitely the main attraction. The pit is filled with sediment waste from the local mines that have been found to be full of fossil remains and also features marine fossils from the Pliocene and Miocene periods.

Fossil, Oregon

Named Fossil because of the rich fossil beds that were dug up this small community is a celebrated source of fossil discoveries. The John Day Fossil Beds National Monument was established to preserve the colorful rock formations that lie along the river basin. Stop in at the Paleontology Center to see scientists at work, view one of the most complete collections of mammal evolution present in North America, and then take a hike to the fossil beds while studying interesting geological formations!

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

The Badlands are actually one of the best place for families that want to see a real dig in action. Scientists have been unearthing fossils for years at the Badlands where exposed rock reveals new deposits with every passion season! The Big Pig Dig is currently being worked and open to guests that might have questions or just want to watch. Although the Badlands are a bit of a drive off of your traditional road trip route it’s well worth the trip!

Sue at the Field Museum – Chicago, IL

OH I LOVE visiting Sue at Chicago’s Field Museum which is home to the largest T-Rex ever found. (affectionately named Sue) Sue fills the main hall of the Field Museum, towering over guests who can look up into her razor sharp mouth. Head upstairs for an open viewing lab where you can actually watch as researchers clean, handle and study fossils that come from to the Field Museum!

Downtown Los Angeles

What?! I know – you wouldn’t think that downtown Los Angeles sounds like a place where you will find a fossil destination but the La Brea Pits are active and constantly being excavated! Trapped in the asphalt are thousands of fossils just waiting to be resurfaced! Tour the Pits and then visit the Page Museum where you can view fossils, the labs, and learn about the animals that lived in the region!

Peace River, Florida

Central southern Florida was once a huge area for phosphate mining which unearthed oodles of fossils over the years. In fact growing up in Florida we used to take trips down to the Peace River (and once opened phosphate mines) for fossil digs every year! You’ll find everything from horse teeth to manatee ribs while enjoying the beautiful Florida wildlife around you!

Even locally here in Iowa we make frequent trips to the Russell Wildlife Center in Oskaloosa where we hike their nature trails and spend hours sitting and finding small aquatic fossils! It’s perfect for kids of all ages an we are never left empty handed! 


Dyed Crackled Dinosaur Egg Nest they’re edible!

Our VERY popular Volcano Cake Tutorial

DIY Dinosaur DIG Tutorial -popular for parties!

DIY Paper Mache Dinosaur Bones - fun for fossils or Halloween!

The Safari Ltd. Dinosaur Skulls TOOB and their Ancient Fossil TOOB is some of our favorites! Great for digging!

DON’T FORGET to check out our collection of Printable Dinosaur and Fossil sheets!

Dollar Store DIY: Frugal Fall Wreath Tutorial

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DIY frugal fall wreath tutorial

I just LOVE Dollar Tree crafts and this DIY Frugal Fall Wreath is just another cheap home decor you can make to spruce up your house and look festive for the fall! Pumpkins and fall colors are SO gorgeous and this simple wreath can be made by both kids and adults alike!


medium Grapevine wreath
assorted faux leaves and flowers

plastic pumpkins and/or gourds
fall ribbon
hot glue/glue gun

DIY Frugal Fall Wreath Tutorial


1. Begin by creating a cluster of fall leaves on the corner of the grapevine wreath. Just add glue to them and press firmly.

2. Layer on some faux fall flowers. Do the same process, adding glue to the back and pressing them to the wreath. Add an assortment of colors, spacing them as looks best.

3. Add a generous amount of glue to the bottom of the plastic pumpkins or gourds. Press them to the cluster of leaves and flowers firmly. Hold in place until dry.

4. Finish the wreath by adding a length of fall ribbon. Tie in a bow at the top or fold the ribbon over and secure with glue.

DIY Frugal Fall Wreath Tutorial

I LOVE the simplicity of this wreath! PLUS it’s inexpensive enough that you can recreate a new one each year or store this one away in a storage tub for next year’s decor! PLUS this makes a thoughtful gift as well! Kids of any age can help you press on the decor and you can create it as fancy or simplistic as you want with any colors you decide to feature! For just a few bucks or less depending on what supplies you have on hand enjoy your new festive fall wreath decor!


Petite Pumpkin Preschool Coffee Filter Craft for Kids

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Petite Pumpkin Preschool Coffee Filter Craft for Kids

Coffee filters are great for crafting, not to mention how cheap they are! Take a look at how you can make your own coffee filter petite pumpkin just in time for fall!

Supplies needed:

Coffee filters

Orange food coloring

Green ribbon




Petite Pumpkin Preschool Coffee Filter Craft for Kids


1. Begin by adding a few tablespoons of water to the plate. Stir in a few drops of orange food coloring.

2. Place a few layers of coffee filters into the mixture. Allow them to soak up the color.

Petite Pumpkin Preschool Coffee Filter Craft for Kids

3. Remove the filters from the water. Hang them to dry. They will drip, so be sure you have something under them to catch the dripping.

Petite Pumpkin Preschool Coffee Filter Craft for Kids

4. When the filters are dry, wad up some tissue and place it in the center of it. Pull the edges up to make a pouch.

Petite Pumpkin Preschool Coffee Filter Craft for Kids

5. Secure the filter around the tissue with some green ribbon. It will also act as the stem/vine of the pumpkin.

Your coffee filter petite pumpkin is now complete! Set it out for some frugal and fun fall décor. Mix it in a bowl of pine cones, sticks of cinnamon, and fake leaves for a more festive feel! Or your kids can make a whole bunch of them and you can string them up into a garland!