FREE Reading Monsters with Books Coloring Sheets

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FREE Monster Coloring Sheet Image

FREEBIE ALERT! Things have been pretty quite online here the past week but don’t worry – I’m still around and working hard behind the scenes!! I’ve been busy prepping some great posts for you guys throughout the holidays as we have our baby (less than 6 weeks left!)! Add that on to being 8 months pregnant, building/running a hydroponics program at our school, keeping up with kids and appointments, gardening/canning and it’s just been an insanely busy month for me already! I LOVE these adorable monsters with books that you can print out and have kids color! For a little extra handwriting practice have your children write the names of their favorite books on the “binder” of the monsters book stacks! Feel free to print as many as you like, share them and PIN them HERE!

PRINT HERE ==> Monsters with Books Coloring Pages

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FREE Unique Letters A-Z

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FREE Learning Shapes Booklet

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 FREE “Build a Snowman” Activity

FREE Printable Letters A to Z Unique Coloring Sheets

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Free Printable Letters a to z Coloring Sheets Image


Here is a great FREEBIE that I’ve put together for you! You can download this FREE printable Letters A-Z Coloring Sheets as one book or as individual sheets depending on which letter you’re working on so make sure to PIN THIS HERE for future reference!! These letters A-Z focus on some fun words that aren’t your traditional “apple or bell” words! Just click the link below that you want and ENJOY!! Feel free to print as many as you need and share it with your friends!

Here is the link to download the entire book Letters A-Z:

A-Z Printable Book

Here are the links to the individual PDF letters:

A is for Artist

B is for Baker

C is for Cupid

D is for Detective

E is for Easter Egg

F is for Fairy

G is for Golf

H is for Hippo

I is for Ice Cream

J is for Jackrabbit

 K is for Knight

L is for Leprechaun

M is for Magician

N is for Nurse

O is for Octopus

P is for Policeman

Q is for Queen Bee

R is for Rooster

S is for Santa

T is for Teacher

U is for Uncle Sam

V is for Viper

W is for Witch

X is for Xray

Y is for Yak

Z is for Zebra

 If you’re looking for a fun FREE Printable MINI A-Z Letter Booklet visit HERE!

PLUS here’s a FREE Printable Beginning Letter Sounds Worksheet!

FREE Learning Shapes Printable Preschool Book

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Learning Shapes Printable Book PNG


Back to school time means learning all about letters, numbers, and shapes! I’ve got this GREAT “Learning Shapes” Preschool Printable Book FREEBIE for you so feel to print as many as you want, pin it, and share it with your friends!! I’ve also separated it out for you so that you can print the entire thing as a booklet, or you can print each page individually!

Learning Shapes Book

or by each page:

Shapes Collection Page
 Shapes Cover Page

Budget Friendly Spring or Fall Butterfly Door Wreath Home Decor

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butterfly wreath frugal gift

When I think of butterflies I initially think of spring, but we see a LOT more butterflies in the fall here in Iowa so this beautiful budget friendly butterfly wreath is the perfect project to create with your kids or give as a gift to make someone smile! You can really use this to decorate all year long as it adds tons of whimsy to any space! Take a look below at how we used some simple dollar store decals to create this budget friendly butterfly wreath for UNDER $4! It’s so easy!

Supplies Needed:

budget friendly butterfly spring wreath

Burlap covered charger plate (Hobby Lobby or any area craft store, around $2)

Assorted butterfly decals (Dollar Tree, $1)

Craft glue, hot glue, glue gun

Ribbon of your choice



1. Add a dab of craft glue to the back of your butterfly decals. This will help them adhere to the charger well. Concentrate on the BODY of the butterfly, not the wings. Press the decal to the plate (pressing the body is ideal, you don’t want to secure the wings) and hold in place until secure.

2. Once the butterfly is in place, gently bend the wings upwards. This brings the butterfly to life and makes it three dimensional on the charger.

budget friendly butterfly spring wreath

3. Continue the process, applying the various butterflies all over the charger. You can arrange them in clusters, or scatter them randomly. Feel free to add a sprig of flowers if desired.

4. Cut a length of ribbon for hanging. Secure the ends in place to the back of the charger using hot glue. Due to the weight of the charger, hot glue will work better for this step than craft glue. Simply snip the ribbon, apply some glue, and press into place. Allow several seconds for the glue to dry.

budget friendly butterfly spring wreath

Your budget friendly butterfly wreath is now ready to be displayed. Hang it from a hook or wreath hanger anywhere you need a little pick me up. It is the perfect, budget friendly craft that can really spark up a space. Give it a try! This also makes a beautiful Mother’s Day gift!

Snail Healthy Animal Snack for Kids

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Snails snack for kids
This HEALTHY kid’s snack of “snails” would be PERFECT to pair with the book The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson! This Snail’s Pace Race game is also a fantastic cooperative game for kids where they have to work together to make all of the snails finish the race. This snack can be adjusted for any allergy friendly needs and is easy enough that even toddlers can help build it!
Supplies Needed:
About 5 celery stalks 
jar of peanut butter (or other allergy friendly option)
chocolate twizzlers 
1 apple 
snail snacks for kids
First start by putting peanut butter in the middles of the celery stalk. You will also want to trim the stalk into 1/2 sections, then cut up the twitters. You will cut it length wise in half and cut them into smaller pieces to use the antennas.
snail healthy snack for kids
You also want to cut the apple in half and then thinly slice the apple slices. 
snail healthy snack for kids
Now press the apple slice into the celery stalk, into the peanut butter. Then place two antennas int he peanut butter. Now you have yourself a snail. Super easy and healthy too! 

Kid’s FUN Teeth & Mouth Snack – Great for Halloween too!

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kids healthy mouth teeth snack
How FUN are these kid’s “mouth” snacks!? I can think of SO many reasons to make this into a fun learning lesson! Whether you’re teaching preschool kids healthy brushing habits, celebrating the tooth fairy and the loss of a student’s / child’s new tooth, or making Halloween “monster” teeth you can easily pair this snack up with children’s books like “Andrew’s Loose Tooth” (one of our favorites!) or the fun Brush Your Teeth Please pop up book. Plus if you have a child/student with a nut allergy you can swap the peanut butter out for sunflower butter or another appropriate alternative.
Supplies Needed:  
1 apple 
jar of peanut butter or other “butter” choice
mini marshmallows 
kids healthy mouth teeth snack
First start by cutting the apple into slices. Then cut them into smaller slices.  An apple slicer makes this job pretty kid friendly and offers a more uniform look! 
kids healthy mouth teeth snack
Now you want to put about a teaspoon or two of peanut butter onto each slice of apple- but just on one side of the apple. Then put a row of mini marshmallows across one apple slice.
kids healthy mouth teeth snack
Then sandwich them together (one apple slice with pb & marshmallows and one slice with just pb). Press firmly until they stick and you have your teeth! 
kids healthy mouth teeth snack
If you’re making these into “monster” teeth for Halloween look for colored marshmallows to make the teeth look even spookier! These are TONS of fun for little hands to make and eat! And simple enough to make for a big party too! When our kids were really little we also  made this fun tooth craft with cotton balls and construction paper!

DIY $2 Dollar Tree Sensory Woven Bucket

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DIY woven basket

Make this simple DIY rag rug basket perfect for ONLY $2 using dollar store supplies. This can be used for SO many things from sensory activities, storing balls and other games, craft supplies, or other fun ideas for your classroom or playroom!  It also makes a fun and inexpensive gift holder!

Supplies needed:
1 colorful rag rug
Small plastic wastebasket
Hot glue, glue gun

We found all of these items at our local Dollar Tree store. You will find the rugs in a variety of colors. Find a wastebasket that is smaller in size, that if you wrap the rug around it, it will cover. I recommend double checking it in the store just to make sure it fits how you want it to!

diy woven sensory bucket

1. Begin by laying the rug as flat as possible.
2. Set the wastebasket on top of the rug (upright) and pull the rug up the sides. (you can also lay the bucket on it’s side and roll the rug around it)
3. Run a strip of hot glue around the rim of the wastebasket. Press the edges of the rug to the glue and hold until secure.

diy woven rug sensory bucket

4. While the rug will now be upright, you still need to secure the sides. To do this, fold the rug just as you would with wrapping paper while wrapping a gift. Fold one length of the rug over the other so they are now lying snug and tight.
5. Repeat this motion on the other side of the wastebasket, folding in the same direction. This way, both sides will look the same.
6. Should any portions of the rug still look loose, use glue to secure them.

Ruffle the fringes and the basket is now ready to be used. Hold candy, balloons, balls, school supplies, craft supplies, blocks, and all sorts of other things!

DIY Homemade Pencil Holder Teacher Gift Idea

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teacher pencil holder gift idea

Teacher appreciation is always in style and I LOVE sharing easy handmade gift ideas that are practical as well! We just love to make neat projects for our teachers to let them know that they are special to our children.  This year we have decided to make some adorable pencil holders for their desks.  Being a teacher cannot be easy, so making sure my children always appreciate their educator is important to me.

Using some simple items that we have around the home, we are hoping to bring some joy to our special teachers with this simple wood craft. Besides, just about every teacher I’ve ever talked to always says they need more school supplies! This is a fun and practical way to gift your teacher a classroom number of pencils!

pencil holder DIY teacher gift

Using a scrap 4×4 post (approximately 4-5 inches high), simply sand all of the edges so that they are nice and smooth. I used a miter saw to make a clean cut on my old 4×4 scrap.

pencil holder DIY teacher gift

Next, use a drill bit that will drill holes large enough to fit a pencil or pen depending on your teacher’s grade level / subject area taught.

You may want to mark the holes with a pencil before you begin so that they are evenly spaced throughout your block. There’s no right or wrong amount of pencil holes to create but it’s fun if you have enough room for a whole class supply!

pencil holder DIY teacher gift

Drill the holes as you have them marked approximately 3/4 of the way into your 4×4 block. Turn the block upside down to remove the wood shavings and *wearing safety glasses* lightly blow into each hole to remove excess wood bits.

pencil holder DIY teacher gift

Using Chalkboard paint (purchase on Amazon or your local hardware store), paint each side around your block. Allow ample time to dry and apply another layer for full coverage.

pencil holder DIY teacher gift

After your chalk board paint has dried completely, use yellow acrylic paint (purchase on Amazon or your local craft store) and a small paint brush to lightly paint the top. Be careful not to apply too much paint to the top because it will drip into your drilled holes and make them smaller. Apply 2-3 layers of yellow paint and allow to dry between each application.

pencil holder DIY teacher gift

Once your pencil block is completely dried, you are ready for your finishing touches. You can paint on your teacher’s name or use a metallic sharpie marker (find multipack of colors on Amazon or at your local craft / office supply store). Feel free to use stencils if you prefer, or write it on first using a pencil. I free handed the name in straight letters and made dots at each letter point.

pencil holder DIY teacher gift

You are all set to apply your chalk to all four sides. It wipes clean with a lightly dampened paper towel to change the words daily for fun days, countdowns or greetings!

pencil holder DIY teacher gift

Add some of your favorite pencils to the holes that you drilled and get ready to make your teacher’s day!

This project is fun and inexpensive, but packs a lot of appreciation for your special teacher!


DIY No Sew Coffee Mug Sleeve Teacher Gift

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This is a FANTASTIC homemade gift that your kids can create almost entirely on their own with just a little bit of adult direction (depending on their age of course). You can look for a coffee travel mug or container at your local Dollar Tree or any other retailer that you want to shop at. Then grab your supplies, your kids, and let them make their teachers a thoughtful gift – with NO sewing involved!

DIY No Sew Coffee Mug Sleeve Teacher Gift

Supplies Needed:

DIY No Sew Coffee Mug Sleeve Teacher Gift

Monkey printed felt (or any other designed felt that you want to use!)

Cream colored rik rak (the squiggly decorative fabric)

Circle self adhesive Velcro

Tacky glue

Pinking shears



DIY No Sew Coffee Mug Sleeve Teacher Gift

Step 1. Cut 2 pieces of felt 3×9 with pinking shears. Double check the size against the coffee mug or container that you are using to make sure it will fit properly!

Step 2. Glue rik rak length of top and bottom of one piece of felt. Let dry completely.

DIY No Sew Coffee Mug Sleeve Teacher Gift

Step 3. Glue the two pieces of felt together so that the print is facing out on both sides. Let dry completely.

DIY No Sew Coffee Mug Sleeve Teacher Gift

 Step 4. Attach a Velcro circle to the front left side edge. Glue the coordinating Velcro piece to the inside right edge. Again, make sure that it fits snugly onto your coffee mug for your teacher!

 There you have it! A ready made handmade from YOUR kids gift for their teacher! It doesn’t take long at all to make and can really turn out superb! If you really want to go the extra mile you can stuff the coffee mug with sample coffee bags, a coffee shop gift card, k-cups (if you know your teacher uses a Keurig), chocolate candies, or other thoughtful gifts.

Upcycled Lazy Susan School Supply Center – GREAT Teacher Gift

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upcycled lazy susan school supply center

You guys know that I love hitting up thrift stores and yard sales for discarded treasures that I can recreate. Not only do you save a ton of money but you can better customize items when you make something homemade rather than buying it already made at the store. As soon as I saw this lazy Susan for just $2 I knew what I had to do with it – turn it into a school supply center! This is great for organization for homeschoolers, craft centers, teacher’s desks and gifts, and anything else you can come up with! We have tried baskets and tubs, and even the pretty glass mason jars on Pinterest (do NOT attempt the glass jars if you have 2 rambunctious boys using them….just sayin’!). I started with the intent of gluing them all down to the turntable (which might be the best idea for classroom use) but then I thought to myself, what if you want to change the paper? Or what if you just want to move the containers into a different spot? So I decided to go with magnets and am pretty pleased with how it turned out! The magnets hold all the cans in place while it is being rotated or you can remove a single can to use somewhere else in the room and replace back on the lazy susan.



upcycled school supply organization center


Lazy Susan (check thrift stores or buy on Amazon!)
6 clean empty soup cans (same size)
1 larger clean empty can
scrapbook paper
6 round magnets
glue gun / glue sticks
Optional: ribbon


upcycled school supply organization center

Cut and smooth the insides edges of your cans – I use a can opener that leaves a smoother edge. You just want to make sure that the edges aren’t too sharp to cut little fingers. Measure and then cut your scrapbook paper of choice to fit your can. My smaller vegetable cans used paper 4″ tall by 10″ long. You can hot glue paper onto the can to secure it but I chose to tape the same so that when it gets worn we can just cover it again. I also used a larger can in the middle for taller items like scissors, rulers, etc. but you can really use any size of cans that you want! Hot glue your center can directly onto the lazy susan.

upcycled school supply organization center

Hot glue a magnet to the back of your 6 outside cans right along the paper seam.

upcycled school supply organization center

Wrap your ribbon around the top of each can to finish it off and secure it with hot glue.

Once everything is nice and dry go ahead and place your 6 decorated cans magnet side to the center can. You can now spin your lazy susan with all cans attached, or just grab one to go! You can fill this with supplies as a teacher gift, make it a little more “manly” for your guy’s workbench, use for homeschool organization, college desk caddy, craft areas, or anything else you can think of!

upcycled school supply organization center