Free Printable Johnny Appleseed Worksheets

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Teaching history can be a fascinating journey, and one individual who holds a special place in American folklore and history is Johnny Appleseed. His story is not only a great way to engage young students in learning about American history but also offers valuable life lessons.

Every year we explore the life of Johnny Appleseed and share some educational activities and resources for teachers to use in the classroom. If you still make bulletin boards, you can use the phrase “Planting Seeds of Learning” as a cute themed title!

printable Johnny Appleseed worksheets

What I really love every fall when it comes to our Johnny Appleseed lessons, is that you can take this in SO many different directions and span lessons about Johnny Appleseed across so many grade levels as you’ll see below!

Johnny Appleseed’s story is more than just a charming legend! It’s a valuable teaching tool for educators. By exploring his life, students can learn about American history, environmental responsibility, and important character values. So, grab your pot hat and embark on this educational journey with Johnny Appleseed as your guide!

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Who was Johnny Appleseed?

Johnny Appleseed, known as John Chapman at birth, was born on September 26, 1774, in Leominster, Massachusetts. He has become an iconic figure in American history due to his unique and enduring legacy. (Plus his birthday falls in the perfect season for growing apples!)

While the real Johnny Appleseed may not have worn a pot on his head or solely distributed apple seeds for fun, his story is a blend of history and legend and memorable for kids no matter how old they are.

Teaching Opportunities in Class:

  1. American History: Johnny Appleseed’s life spanned a critical period in American history, including the westward expansion and the early days of the United States. You can use his story to illustrate the pioneer spirit, manifest destiny, and the challenges early settlers faced.
  2. Environmental Education: Johnny Appleseed was a conservationist ahead of his time. He planted apple trees not just for profit but also for the benefit of future generations. This provides an excellent opportunity to discuss topics like sustainability, biodiversity, and the importance of caring for the environment.
  3. Character Education: Johnny Appleseed’s kindness, generosity, and love for nature make him an excellent role model for character education. Teachers can emphasize the values of empathy, selflessness, and stewardship by studying his life.
  4. Geography: Explore the regions where Johnny Appleseed traveled and planted apple trees. This can be an exciting way to teach geography and map skills. Students can create maps trace his journeys and the spread of apple trees.
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Learning Activity Ideas for Your Classroom

  1. Read Aloud: Start with a picture book like “Johnny Appleseed” by Jodie Shepherd or “Johnny Appleseed: My Story” by David L. Harrison. Reading aloud allows younger students to engage with Johnny Appleseed’s story in an accessible way.
  2. Biographical Research: For older students, assign research projects to delve deeper into Johnny Appleseed’s life and his impact on American history. Encourage critical thinking and discussion about historical accuracy versus legend.
  3. Apple Orchard Field Trip: If possible, plan a field trip to a local apple orchard. This hands-on experience can connect students with the concept of apple cultivation and Johnny Appleseed’s legacy.
  4. Apple Tasting and Cooking: Incorporate apple-themed activities into your lessons. Students can taste different apple varieties, make applesauce, or even bake apple pies. This ties in with history while engaging students in a sensory experience.
  5. Nature Walk: Take your class on a nature walk to observe local flora and fauna. Discuss the importance of conservation and how Johnny Appleseed’s actions align with modern environmental concerns.
  6. Art and Craft Projects: Foster creativity by having students create apple-themed artwork or crafts. This can include apple prints, apple tree drawings, or making seed packets for their own “Johnny Appleseed” planting projects. Below we have more apple-themed craft ideas.
  7. Historical Reenactment: Encourage students to dress up as Johnny Appleseed and present what they’ve learned in a fun and interactive way. This can include short skits, monologues, or even a class play.
  8. Printable worksheets and activities below! You can adjust this based on your grade level, but you can utilize fun apple themed writing prompts, word searches, apple cycle lessons, coloring pages, quizzes and more!

Free Printable Johnny Appleseed Worksheets

You can also download our FREE “Writing to Johnny Appleseed” template! If you’re working with preschoolers, our super simple apple paper bag craft is always a fun activity! OR you can just click on the images below to check out other apple related activities and printables!

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