Swampy Zombie Toxic Waste Science Party Drinks Recipe

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Swampy Zombie Toxic Waste Drinks Recipe Idea

This swampy zombie party drink is so ridiculously fun for kids to make and regardless of what it looks like – it tastes good too! These are actually swampy lemonades believe it or not! Oriental Trading sent me the ridiculously cool science party cups to finish off our mad science appeal!

At first I considered adding dry ice. (REALLLLLY cool but do NOT touch OR drink the dry ice!) Then I thought about adding a touch of cotton candy fluffed on top of the straw. But since Halloween is coming up we decided to turn this into a toxic waste drink for zombies! If it’s yucky, muddy, gross, involves zombies and spooky things – my boys are all about it!

Zombie Drink Ingredients:

Lemon Juice Concentrate 
7-Up / Sprite
Ice Cube Trays
food coloring

This makes 4 drinks.

Swampy Zombie Toxic Waste Science Party Drinks Recipe Idea

Pre-Step: Freeze ice cubes in an ice cube tray. Each cube should have 1-2 drops of food coloring.

1. Heat and mix 1 cup of lemon juice concentrate and 3/4 cup granulated sugar. (or you can totally skip this step and just use lemonade) Set aside to cool.

Swampy Zombie Toxic Waste Science Party Drinks Recipe Idea

2. Remove colored ice cubes from freezer and crush. I simply placed a hand towel over ziploc bags and crushed with a hammer.

3. Dump crushed ice into your cup. Pour lemon mix on top (under a cup), and top off with Sprite! I didn’t use an exact amount of lemon syrup and sprite, I just added it, mixed it, and let the kids go at it!

Swampy Zombie Toxic Waste Science Party Drinks Recipe Idea

There are various versions of our Zombie Drink so feel free to alter it to make it your own! Get creative with it and make it fit your party for whatever theme you are going for!

BUT here are a few tips:

*The dark food colors take over! If you want a nice lime green slime looking drink then DO NOT use blue, red or any other colors but green and maybe yellow. If you mix a little bit of all of the colors it will be dark and murky like the ones you see in the photo.

*The colored ice cubes can stain in the crushing process! Once you mix the Sprite and lemonade up you won’t have a problem but if the crushed colored ice gets on your countertops I recommend wiping it up right away!

*For mad science parties keep the colored ice drinks separated – don’t mix the ice colors!¬†

Swampy Zombie Toxic Waste Science Party Drinks Recipe Idea

Seriously, the science party supplies at Oriental Trading are crazy geeky cool – I LOVE them! And if you need to make a murky toxic waste drink – you’re only a few colored ice cubes away! If the crushed ice is just too much trouble for you to handle then simply add a few drops of food coloring directly into the beverage and you’re all set!

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