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All About Thomas Edison Worksheets + Experiments for Kids

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One of our most popular printable sets is our Famous People in History workbook set which includes this free printable Thomas Edison workbook! Ever since I was little I have been fascinated with science, especially after visiting Thomas Edison’s home and lab in Fort Myers, Florida! 

Thomas Edison Worksheets

In addition to his many inventions, there are amazing lessons to be learned in perseverance, failure and ingenuity! Thomas Edison was incredible and is an intriguing man to learn about – he had so many experiences in so many different industries throughout his lifetime!

Check out these epic fails of Thomas Edison!

The workbook includes:

  • a brief biography

  • personal quotes by Edison

  • fill in the blank worksheet + answer key

  • word search game

  • word scramble game

These worksheets are great for individual quiet centers, homeschool curriculum supplements, or use them to build an entire unit of study around Thomas Edison and his inventions! In fact you can use our free book report form or even create a board game based around Thomas Edison’s inventions!

Below are some fun facts about Thomas Edison as well as great experiments that you can do with kids! 

Fun Facts About Thomas Edison:

  1. He acquired over 1000 patents! (141 were for storage batteries!)

  2. He created the world’s first industrial research laboratory!

  3. He was known as the “Wizard of Menlo Park” in New Jersey!

  4. The Edison General Electric Co. eventually merged to become part of General Electric Co.

  5. Thomas Edison even dabbled in the film industry!


Science Experiments & STEM Activities for Extended Learning:

Print HERE: Thomas Edison Worksheets

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