DIY Toilet Paper Tube Popsicle Party Decor

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DIY Toilet Paper Tube Popsicle Party Decor

Mmmmm what kid doesn’t LOVE popsicles? These are SO easy to make and great for pretend play! Not to mention inexpensive kitchen play items. These are perfect for hanging from the ceiling or stapling to the walls! And they go great with the Learning Resources Alpha Pop set!

Toilet Paper Tube Popsicle Materials:

1 Toilet Paper Tube (or cut up paper towel rolls!)

2 Craft Sticks


stapler / hot glue

For each popsicle you’ll essentially need a toilet paper tube (or cut up paper towel tubes) and 2 craft sticks.

Flatten the toilet paper tube out, and staple it in the middle as shown above. This will create your double popsicle. Insert your craft sticks into one side of the toilet paper tube and attach by glue, tape, or stapling tightly around it. I used a hot glue gun.

Trim the top of the popsicle off as desired. I wanted mine to have rounded edges like the large “double” popsicles.

 Then decorate to your hearts desire! Markers are very easy for younger children to use. I used acrylic paint for my popsicles. You can use glitter, beads, or anything else you would like to decorate with!

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