St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bucket Idea for Kids

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st patricks day treat bucket for kids

OH my word you guys – there are way too many holidays crunched into the beginning of the year! St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Dr. Seuss Day, Easter, and the list just goes on! This simple St. Patrick’s Day bucket can be used as the perfect party favor or kid’s craft and can be totally customizable depending on what materials you have! You can make a zillion of them VERY easily and go with some cheaper options for big groups like classrooms!

Supply List:
White favor buckets (3 for $1 at Dollar Tree)
Chocolate gold coins (also at Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby)
Rainbow Air Heads candy (Around $1 at grocery stores)
Gold tinsel

1. Begin by filling the favor bucket with gold tinsel. Make it nice and full. If you can’t find tinsel, wrapping tissue or shredded paper will work too.
2. Arrange several chocolate gold coins inside the bucket.
3. Bend a Rainbow Air Head into a rainbow or U shape. Tuck the sides of the strip as far down into the tinsel as possible. This will help it stay in place.
4. Place the treat bucket out as party favors and enjoy!

Classroom Ideas (cheaper & candy free!):

Use small white Dixie cups, shredded paper in the bottom of the cup, paper or plastic coins to cut down on sugar (or any other treat you want to put in there) and the Rainbow Air Heads candy as a “rainbow handle”. If you completely don’t want any edible candy you can also have the kids poke holes in their Dixie cups and create a rainbow out of pieces of colored pipe cleaners!

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