Spider Web Sensory Bin: Halloween Science Preschool Play

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spider sensory bin preschool play

Materials Needed:

1 skein of white yarn, any brand
small plastic toy spiders 
storage container 
1 large spider 
3 craft sticks 
white acrylic paint

How to Make the Spider Web Sensory Bin:

black Halloween spider toy

I picked up a large plastic spider skeleton at the Dollar Tree but you can buy one on Amazon if you want. Because the one I picked up was a tan color I painted him all black.

white craft stick and yarn spider web craft

Next you’ll need to make your little spider web. Overlap in the middle and glue 3 craft sticks together in the shape of a star like you see above. Paint them white. Then just wrap a long piece of white yarn around the web weaving in and out between each stick.

spider sensory bin scary science preschool play

Now you’re ready to begin building your spider web sensory bin! First place your container on the table and add long strands of white yarn. Sprinkle in your small toy spiders and your one large mama spider.

preschool sensory spider science play

Now it’s time to play! You can hand the spiders from your yarn web. Wrap them all together to make a spider egg sac, or count how many spiders you have!

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