Back to School Pencil Banner Classroom Decor

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DIY Back to School Pencil Banner

 Craft materials provided by Oriental Trading. All creativeness is my own.

AH the excitement of bright yellow pencils in the hallways of schools – there’s just nothing like it! Unless of course you create an AWESOME Pencil Banner to hang on your classroom door! You can turn this into everything from wreaths to teacher cards but we decided to create a beautiful and back to school festive banner to hang across the door. It was surprisingly simple and didn’t take long to do at all! Check out our tutorial below and tweak it to fit your style!

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Awesome Pencil Salt Dough Tutorial:

DIY Back to School Supplies Pencil Banner

Materials Needed:

Burlap Banner
Acrylic Paint (yellow, silver, pink, black)
Sponge or Paint brush
Mini Clothespins
Natural Jute Cord
Buttons & Glue Dots Optional

Step by Step Directions:

DIY Back to School Supplies Pencil Banner

We decided to use the above Burlap Banner for our pencils because it was just the perfect size to save us some cutting time. Unroll it out and estimate how thick you want your pencils to be. I wanted cute chunky pencils so I went with a thicker size.

Back to School Pencil Banner for Teacher Classroom Decor

Cut your banner into strips the width you want to create your pencils!

Back to School Pencil Banner for Teacher Classroom Decor

There is no template for this step but it’s pretty easy to eye. Use your scissors to round the top of your “pencil” where the eraser would be, and cut the opposite (“graphite”) end into a point as shown above. If you want your pencils completely uniform I recommend cutting one to use as a guide for the rest.

Back to School Pencil Banner for Teacher Classroom Decor

Here’s a closer view where you can see an arrow or pencil shape beginning to take place. The downside to the cutting was that little burlap frizzies went everywhere so make sure when you’re done cutting you wipe down the area well!

Back to School Pencil Banner for Teacher Classroom Decor

Next came the FUN part – painting!! You can of course design your pencils any way you want (maybe even personalized with the name of each student on each pencil!!) but I took a close picture of the paints so you could see the exact colors I used. Black, Khaki, Bright Yellow, Bright Magenta, and Metallic Sterling Silver.

Back to School Pencil Banner for Teacher Classroom Decor

I started by painting the large yellow strip first to knock out the biggest amount of painting right away. Once that dried I added the silver band just above it and added black to the “pencil tip”.

Back to School Pencil Banner for Teacher Classroom Decor

Don’t forget to paint the nice big pink eraser! After everything has dried you’re ready to hang it up!! The Mini Clothespins are just too cute and perfect for these little chunky pencils! These would be adorable with a student’s name on each pencil! I should have thought of that before hanging mine up!

Back to School Pencil Banner for Teacher Classroom Decor

I ordered this adorable bright rainbow craft buttons too with the intention of gluing them onto the mini clothespins (which was cute!) but ended up leaving them off. They would be a great addition if you were going to use these burlap pencils to make Welcome Cards though! VOILA! You can even use these burlap pencils in a sensory corner in your classroom with the rough feel of the material!

I know most of you already shop at Oriental Trading already but I especially like to go there for craft ideas and bulk craft supplies (OK – and party supplies!)! They even have a teaching section which is fabulous too. It’s pretty my GO-TO place for anything I need with kids!

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  1. I LOVE this idea!! It’s so inexpensive and fun, I’m making banners for my colleagues. PLEASE post more classroom ideas soon! Do you have any seasonal ideas? LUV LUV LUV this banner! 🙂

  2. What would be the best way to add students names to the pencils?

    1. Hi Shannon! There are a couple ways you can do that! You can use a stencil and sponge paint their names on (although considerably more time consuming!). You can also grab a Sharpie Marker or a Paint Marker and write their names on that way!

  3. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  4. The Freshman Cook says:

    Absolutely adorable, and so fun! This cute banner is sure to make the classroom happy and colorful! Thanks for sharing at Celebrate It!

  5. Looks awesome! Thank you for entry in the Creatively Crafty Link Party.

  6. creativejewishmom/sara says:

    Brilliant, never would have thought burlap could be so cute! thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

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