Peacock: Animal Paper Plate Craft for Kids

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Once in a while when visiting a zoo or farm we come across gorgeous peacocks that my kids always fawn over – especially when their tail feathers are proudly displayed! A few times we’ve even been lucky enough to spot them in the wild!

So this week we decided to read through a few children’s books with peacocks in them and make this creative peacock animal paper plate craft! We chose to read the books A Peacock Among Pigeons, and also Three Hens and a Peacock.

Peacock Animal paper plate craft for kids

It’s really simple to make and can be easily adjusted depending on the age of the children creating it or even the size of the group you are working with!

Craft Materials Needed:

  • white paper plates (none glossy is best)

  • blue paint OR markers

  • green, yellow and/or purple paint OR markers

  • scissors

  • googly eyes

  • hot glue OR tape

  • Optional – feathers

Simply grab a white paper plate, cut it in half and paint or color it all blue. Then embellish the plate (aka peacock feathers) as desired! You can use paint like I did above, glitter, buttons, tissue paper, string and yarn, or even these real peacock feathers! This is a great CHEAP craft idea for kids of any ages! You can create mosaic pattern feathers, wild colors, textures, or an unlimited list of all sorts of other ideas! This is literally just an awesome launch point for your creativity!



The great thing too is that paper plates are cheap and you only need a HALF of a plate PER child! Once my paper plate (aka peacock feathers) had completely dried I cut out a blue peacock “body” and used a thin amount of hot glue to attach it onto the paper plate as shown above. If you’re in a rush or don’t want to mess with hot glue you could use tape too but if of course will show.  Don’t forget the googly eyes – they make such a fun addition to your peacock craft!

If you’ve cut your paper plate straight you’ll be able to prop your beautiful peacock up on the table or bookshelf! Just click below to order the 2 books we based our craft off of!


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