Have a Measurement Scavenger Hunt!

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wood ruler with yellow background
Looking for a fun educational activity to keep your kids busy this afternoon? Every child I have ever met LOVES to search and find things such as in a scavenger hunt. So why not turn it into a little more of an educational learning lesson?
Hand a ruler out to each child (or make them search for it!) then give them specific measurements that they have to find items to go with. 
For example, ask your child to find something in your house that is 2 inches long. Whoever brings you an object that is 2 inches long first you can either give a prize to, or give them a piece to a much larger puzzle!
You can have your kids compete against each other to find the length of objects first, then have them work on all of the puzzle pieces together to jointly win a prize! It could be a surprise visit to a special location or a few pieces of treats. It would take a little bit of pre-planning, but having them compete to find the objects quickest and then work together as a team to find the ultimate prize is a great team building skill!
Incrementally start at one inch then move up to 12 inches! Then have each child lay their items side by side and sort them from smallest to longest! You’d be surprised how long this can take! It’s a great way to eat up an afternoon with a hands on learning lesson in math while still getting energy out!


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