Learning About Skeletons & Bones Activities for School

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Learning About Skeletons & Bones Activities for School

Halloween is coming!! EEK! It’s my favorite holiday of the year! But I know many of you are not allowed to do “Halloweeny” activities at your school. But learning about bones, cultural holidays (Day of the Dead) and science lessons are always a GREEN LIGHT GO!

I LOVE this “Those Bones” skeleton paper bones set that Roylco has. It comes with 12 full skeletons (16 different bone segments each) plus a guide to help with your learning experience. The skeleton pieces are “tabbed” so that you can connect them!

Learning About Skeletons & Bones Activities for School

If you’re not familiar with Roylco check out their site here. It’s FULL of craft accessories specifically for learning, classroom projects, and educational materials. They are fantastic for supplementing all sorts of school lessons.

Below are some great skeleton themed (non-Halloween!) ideas for you:

  1. Day of the Dead Play Dough Skeleton Mats:

Learning About Skeletons & Bones Activities for School

Laminate your skeleton bones and turn it into a play dough project for preschoolers! This is a fun, no mess, easy way to introduce cultural holidays and celebrations for younger kids.

2. Skeleton Word Games:

Create a skeleton word drill with your current vocabulary words! Go around the room to each student and ask them to spell a word. Every time a student spells a word incorrectly you add a bone segment to the skeleton!

Once the skeleton is complete the students must end the game and do the assigned task. You can add thin magnets to the back of these bones and “build” it on your whiteboard or just use tape!

3. Dry Erase Bones Learning Activity:
Learning About Skeletons & Bones Activities for School

Use Mr. Bones here to practice a hands-on approach to learning the names of the skeletal structure! Laminate your skeleton pieces and use a dry erase marker to let the kids “quiz” on their group skeleton for practice! When they are finished, just wipe off the answers and store for another day!

4. Teaching Art & Different Mediums with Skeletons:

This is such a fun cross-over incorporating science into your art class. (or if you don’t have art at your school use this project as a way to incorporate art into your science class!) Have a competition among your students!

Break them off into individual groups and allow each group to choose a different medium to decorate their skeleton. Use nature (flowers, sticks, etc.), paint, watercolors, markers, etc. Let them get creative with how they want to apply their medium!

The ultimate take away is that there are many different art mediums to use and they are all beautiful and unique!

More Great Educational Skeleton Bone Activities Online:

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