“I Am Abraham Lincoln” Unit Study – DAY 4 Chalkboard, Sudoku & More!

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            We have learned so much with the “I Am Abraham Lincoln” unit study series! Even with limits on his education Abraham Lincoln didn’t let it stop him-he dug into every book he could get his hands on and wrote using everything! Corn, sticks, and chalk.  This is a great focus for some in depth looks through discussion and a fun activity.  Showing your child the way a person lived in another time period by providing them with tangible examples can help make the connection from past to present.


I Am Abraham Lincoln Unit Study Supplies:

I am Abraham Lincoln by Brad Meltzer
Abraham Lincoln Printable Sudoku
Mini Clipboard (Dollar Tree)
Spray can chalkboard paint
painters tape

DAY 4 – Activities 

Today’s focus in reading the book is to look at the different ways that Abraham Lincoln would learn.  Writing the alphabet in chalk, writing in corn, reading books. Point out to your child the various ways that the book “I Am Abraham Lincoln” shows he was able to learn with little to work with.

Abraham Lincoln Sudoku – A simple fun math sheet where the kids wont even realize they are learning anything. Have you ever played Sudoku? If not, its a pretty simple concept- fill in 3 objects across each column or row without having a repeat. Print out this Abraham Lincoln sudoku printable on card stock and assist your child in placing the various Lincoln themed clip art. These clip arts can also be used for patterning and sorting with your child.

DAY 4 – Art

diy chalkboard clipboard craft supplies

My kids love chalk, and since the book touched on Abe writing with chalk I thought it would be fun to create a personal chalk “slate”.  You can even compare how different it is to your copy of “I Am Abraham Lincoln”.

You can find these press board mini chalkboard at Dollar Tree, while the creating of it is your project the fun after wards will amuse the kids for a long time; drawing pictures, writing their names, making tally marks- this is a fun learning alternative to pencil and paper and make spark a child’s interest in writing just because of the novelty of it. Using a clipboard makes it have double duty function, they can enjoy it as a chalkboard or to hold papers and pencil.

diy clipboard craft

To make your mini chalkboard:

Use painters tape to tape off the clamp at the top and a border at the bottom, press down firmly all around.

chalkboard clipboard craft process photo

Take your chalkboard outside to paint for ventilation.  Lay it on a newspaper and spray a very light tack coat on your board. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes, add another thicker coat, repeat dry time, and then add a final coat until your board is evenly covered.

Abe Lincoln chalkboard clipboard craft

It is not necessary to create a border but to add a little interest I used some washi type tape that I also found at Dollar Tree to tidy up the edges and add some color.

DAY 4 – Snack

snack tray of crackers, cheese and nuts

It was said that Abraham Lincolns’  tastes ran simply and he preferred simple foods to any other.  One of his favorite meals was cheese, crackers, and nuts.  While he definitely didn’t snack on Ritz and Sargento the kids will get the idea of the light meal that he leaned towards.  The bonus was that this was a pretty healthy snack as well. To make it a little more visually appealing I cut cheese slices with a medicine  cup to match the shape and size of my round crackers.

I also slipped in a nut they had never tried before for the new experience- Almonds. (this can of course be substituted out for another nut or seed in the case of allergies) Truthfully my kids love to eat simple snacks throughout the day as opposed to a sit down lunch so this was right up their alley.

Abraham Lincoln Book Literary Guide 

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