Make Your Own Egyptian Cartouche Craft for Kids

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egyptian cartouche craft for kids

Writing your name in Egyptian hieroglyphics is so fun and cryptic for kids to create. This cartouche makes a very fun project for kids to make that can easily be combined with a history lesson about Egyptian culture, pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, & the afterlife. Or add a twist on it and create messages in hieroglyphics for your children to decode! I found a great website that gives you a template with the hieroglyphic on them! If you have younger children you can have them make crowns to wear with their cartouche on it! Here are two simple designs for your cartouche:

egyptian cartouche craft for kids
You’ll need a piece of foil, crafty scissors, and a piece of wood or paper looking scrapbook paper. Don’t forget a marker!
Egyptian cartouche craft for kids
Cut an oval shape out of the scrapbook paper and the foil making the foil oval slightly larger than the paper. Glue together. Then use the hieroglyphics chart to write your name on the paper!
OR here’s an easy “nameplate” idea:


Write each hieroglyph for your name on a light piece of construction paper then cut each symbol out separately.

Paste each symbol in order on one dark strip of paper and then table on your door, desk, or anywhere else you want your name displayed!


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    Thanks so much! I am putting together a cultural study on ancient Egypt for my Montessori certification and this is an excellent project!!!

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