I am Albert Einstein (by Brad Meltzer) Unit Study Day 4

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I am Albert Einstein – UNIT Study Day 4

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” A. Einstein

i am einstein book unit study

Have you and your child learned anything new and interesting about Albert Einstein yet? How about the fact that he was a vegetarian….at least for the last year of his life. He is a really fascinating man with varied interested and capabilities and it has been a really fun book for us so far!

I think that “I am Albert Einstein” has been my favorite of all the Ordinary People Change the World Series by Brad Meltzer, although there are a lot of new ones out there now that I haven’t had the chance to read!

ACTIVITY: Block Structures

einstein block stucture

 Flip through the book again and point out the block structures along with other interesting facts. Go over any new words your child may not know. Do you remember the complicated and wonderful structures that Albert Einstein made from blocks?

Try making some with your child! Strive for different styles and levels of difficulty to challenge and stretch your child’s mind! See how high you can build them, how wide, how intricate, etc. Give them a goal of making it so high, so wide, how fast, etc. These LEGO Architecture kits are great for kids who love building!

CRAFT: DIY Einstein Action Figure

einstein DIY action figure doll

We couldn’t let the week pass without making our own likeness of Albert Einstein could we? Unfinished wood peg dolls from the craft store are the PERFECT base for fun dolls that are only limited by your imagination. This kind of hero is the perfect action figure for your child to learn about and create.

Supplies needed:

  • unfinished wooden peg doll

  • white cotton batting, stuffing, or cotton ball

  • markers

  • craft glue


Draw features on your peg doll using your markers. You can design his clothes either with your markers or small pieces of felt. Stretch out some cotton balls and give Mr. Einstein that crazy white hair he is famous for. Don’t forget about his eyebrows and mustache! Glue in place!

SNACK: Vegetarian Feast Bowl

einstein veggie bowl

While it wasn’t mentioned in the book a little additional research taught me that Albert Einstein was a vegetarian for at least the last year of his life. Share this fact with your child and then explain what a vegetarian is and what types of food they eat.

PLUS it’s a clever way to sneak in a healthy snack as a learning tool! Set out a bowl of various veggies and include a side dish of ranch if you want! Try to add at least one or two new vegetables your kids have never tried before to create a new experience! You can check out more of our family-friendly food recipes here.

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