Fling a Bean – a Fine Motor Skills Activity

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Who in the world flings beans?? We did!! After we were finished with our first fine motor skills activity of Painting the Bullseye we moved on to Fling a Bean! (You’ll need to see the first activity in order to see how this is set up.) We used the same painted target paper from our first activity. The only additional item you will need for this is beans of any kind and a spoon! (the smaller the better)

Take your small dish of washable paint and mix in a nice amount of beans. The rules are that you can only spoon ONE bean out at a time, then you must fling them towards the targets on the paper. Children who have fine motor delay may find this activity challenging as it is difficult to just scoop up one bean. If there is a more severe disability then start by using larger beans and work  your way to smaller beans.

This activity isn’t just for kids with fine motor delay – this is a BLAST to do with kids of any age! My husband and I even had a great time flinging beans!!

Our goal was to hit the targets on the paper, and to see how many beans we could get to stick on the paper! As you can see the kids really got into this activity! We let them play this until they got bored. It is extremely simple to set up and only takes a few minutes to both set up and tear down! Let your kids artwork dry so you can hang it up inside later!

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