Easter Egg Sensory Bin Ideas – Themed Sensory Bins

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This year we’re skipping the over-the-top Easter candies and creating Easter Sensory Bin ideas for kids! That way when my kids wake up on Easter morning instead of loading up on sugar before I wake up they’ll be able to play with their new sensory bins!

Easter Sensory Bin Ideas

You can find ALL SORTS of fun Easter eggs at Oriental Trading who sent us many of the items below for our post! What I REALLY love is that so many of these specialty eggs are available in small packs which means you can buy quite a variety and create various sensory bins out of all of them!

Don’t have time to order these cool eggs in time for Easter? Don’t worry! Any themed egg like this can be used in sensory bins year round! Just take your theme and add extra related items like we did below!

Tropical Birds Rainforest Sensory Bin Ideas:

Rainforest Birds Sensory bin

Out of all of the kid’s sensory bin ideas I’ve come up with – I absolutely LOVE these rainforest birds!!! Would you believe that these birds are ACTUALLY Easter eggs!?!?!? I KNOW! They are TOO CUTE! Can’t find something like this? Dollar Tree has cheap faux birds in their craft section that we use often for our spring sensory bins!

The cool thing about using Easter Eggs is that you can fill them with sand, bells, coins or other things that will rattle around as kids play with them! Below are a few other ideas that would pair well with a tropical birds Rainforest Sensory Bin.

Materials Recommended:

  • easter grass
  • faux turf grass
  • palm leaves
  • small birds
  • faux bird eggs
  • bird puppets
  • faux snakes/bugs
  • nests
  • green cellophane
  • faux trees
  • wood slices
  • rocks
  • moss

We also have a cool spring birdseed sensory bin tutorial here!

Mermaids & Shells Discovery Sensory Bin:

Mermaid & seashells Sensory bin

How wonderful are these Mermaid Shell Easter eggs!? They even come with the mermaids inside of the pearl “eggs”! Mermaids are some of my daughters favorite magical creatures so this sensory bin for kids is to inspire you with magical sea creatures!

If you can’t order these seashell eggs from Oriental Trading you can just use small mermaid toys and seashells! Place inside a small storage container and it’s easy to store or take with you! Check out our tutorial on how to make salt dough starfish!

Materials Recommended:

  • white sand
  • small rocks
  • seashells
  • mermaid toys
  • fish net
  • sea “glass”
  • water

Jonah & the Whale Bible Sensory Bin:

Jonah & the Whale Bible Sensory bin

The Biblical story of Jonah and the whale isn’t the first one that comes to mind when I think of Easter eggs but I couldn’t help but order these Jonah & the Whale Easter Eggs from Oriental Trading! They’re perfect for church Easter egg hunts!

Jonah comes inside of the whale – it’s genius! You can use the same base for this sensory bin as any beach sensory bin, ocean sensory bin or mermaid sensory bin! Just swap out your main “characters” to play with!

Materials Recommended:

  • white sand
  • small rocks
  • blue craft “glass”
  • starfish
  • fish toys
  • faux palm trees

Creative Kid's Sensory Bin Ideas Using Easter Eggs

These creative kid's sensory bin ideas are perfect for spring & Easter learning lessons!

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