20 Rainy Day Activities For Preschoolers

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20 rainy day activities for preschoolers kids

The weather has just been nasty outside lately and when you’ve got a preschooler (or several kiddos!) at home cooped up indoors you definitely want to keep them productive!

I always turn online for some great crafts and activities to do with kids on rainy days to keep the occupied and learning so I wanted to put together a list of some fun ones that I have found online!

Here are quite a few great kids crafts to do on rainy days (or any day!)! Most of these can be adapted to working with larger groups as well! AND Don’t MISS our newest post “6 Sensory Activities for Kids at Home & at School“!

  1. Glitter Homemade Slime
  2. Minion Toilet Paper Roll Craft
  3. DIY Travel Sorting Game For Toddlers
  4. Water bottle Lava Lamps
  5. How To Make A Treasure Map
  6. How To Make Homemade Edible Finger Paints
  7. Kitchen Sensory Bin
  8. Three Ingredient Homemade Finger Paint
  9. Three Rainy Day Activities
  10. Rainy Day Duck Craft
  11. Bubble Painting 
  12. Handprint Flower Garden
  13. Make Your Own Pet Rocks
  14. Toilet Paper Roll Sunflower Stamp Craft
  15. Pumpkin Spice Latte Play Dough
  16. No Cook Scented Play Dough
  17. 3D Doily Flowers
  18. Bubble Wrap Sheep
  19. DIY Washable Sidewalk Chalk
  20. Marble Painting

PLUS some BONUS crafts that we’ve posted in the past:

Flower Craft Sticks Craft
 TP Tube Binoculars
Paper Bag Apple w/Worm
Paper Plate Rainbow Craft
Foam Cupcakes
Paper Plate Sunshine Craft
Walrus Tusk Necklace


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