A Little Stamping Fun for a Sunday Afternoon

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As a little girl I LOVED my stamp collection. I’m not even sure how I got started collecting rubber stamps really but I used them on everything! And believe it or not, I saved them in a box and now 15 years later my kids are using my stamps! It’s a bit of nostalgia really! But stamps are a great way for kids to show their creativity and strengthen their fine motor skills too! 

It all started when we had bought some self-inking stamps so that I didn’t have to write out our address a zillion times during the holidays and when sending packages. I would often find my son hiding in a corner stamping our address…..all over his face! Hah! It was rather hilarious, but then I realized that kids just love marking on things and creating – and stamps are a fantastic avenue to do that! I know plenty of teachers who use stamps on their student’s papers – why? Because the kids love it! 

We have alphabet stamps, animal stamps, decorative stamps, mix and match stamps, phrases stamps, everything under the sun except for notary stamps! Hah! I especially love our alphabet stamps as my son can create his own (legible) notes to his cousins and grandparents, not to mention practicing his writing. But my kids also love stamping on paper to create their own stationary to send to their cousins. Stamping is just one of my favorite past times that I don’t see a lot of kids doing anymore. 

Do you have rubber stamps or collect them as a kid? 

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